Brad Pitt: No date decided yet!

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Brad Pitt: No date decided yet!

Despite raging rumours to the contrary, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have not set their wedding plans yet, Pitt confirmed Tuesday. “We have no date!” Pitt told a Cannes Film Festival press conference for his latest film, the mob thriller Killing Them Softly.
“And we actually, truly, have no date!” he added for emphasis.

The latest stupid rumour mills are churning out possible dates in August for what, when it does finally happen, will become the Royal Wedding of Hollywood. “Absolutely, certainly, date-wise, it is a rumour,” Pitt said with a weary grin, knowing that no matter
what he says now that gossip mills will continue to generate new possibilities and make outrageous claims about the couple. But damage control may be why he was willing to talk at all about personal matters at Cannes, where he usually refuses to get off-topic
from his film projects.

“It will be something that makes sense to us,” Pitt said of a future date to wed his long-time paramour and fellow movie star. “And we’re still hope we figure out our marriage equality in the States before then, before that date.”

Both Pitt and Jolie have lobbied openly for national equality in marriage laws in the United States. That means they support gay marriages. At one point in the past, they vowed as a couple not to get married themselves until the U.S. government passed laws
giving gays the right to marry in every state. The current situation is scrambled because only select states have modernized their laws, while other states have succumbed to homophobic pressure and maintained the status quo. U.S. President Barack Obama has
waffled on the issue and refused to introduce gay marriage laws himself at the national level, despite lobbying from celebrities such as Pitt and Jolie. So Pitt proposed to Jolie in April and they announced a formal engagement.

Meanwhile, expect the rumour-mongering to conjure reasons for Jolie’s absence on the Cannes red carpet at Tuesday’s world premiere of Killing Them Softly (in which Pitt plans a mob enforcer sent in to clean up a nasty piece of business). But Pitt said the
reason Jolie is not here is simple: “She is preparing for a new film.”

Pit also said he would love to make another movie with Jolie. The two superstars first met on the set of the comedy spy thriller Mr. and Mrs. Smith when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

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