Education needs paramount attention in Pakistan

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Education needs paramount attention in Pakistan

The development of any society is based on education as it makes people civilised and put them on the right track of progress.

Educated nation always makes the country distinctive in the world and put it on the road of success in all fields of life.

Nonetheless, if the education system becomes old fashioned or is not updated on regular basis, then people will not become competent and it will affect the progress of the country.

A strong education system provides a solid base on which the development of a country is made.

Standard of education is the most important thing that helps people to remain updated with the latest developments in all subjects and areas of life.

But standard of education in Pakistan is not up to the mark as we are far behind to the advanced nations of the world that remain updated and make amendments in their academic courses with the advancement of the modern age.

Among several reasons the most important is that the courses are not being updated with regular intervals and the second important reason is that there is no research involved in the academic activities of students.

At present, research is not a part of the academic course until the Intermediate level and in some cases until graduation level.

They pass even Masters Programmes without doing proper research in any particular area of their subject.

These two reasons are very important and that play a vital role in the improvement of education standard.

Nonetheless, in Pakistan, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) needs to make such changes in the academic courses which force students to do research which will make them qualified and knowledgeable in the real sense.

Advanced countries of the world, students start research as soon as they enter into college.

They are assigned with different projects to complete which helps them in building a good knowledge base before they move into Graduate level.

It has become essential for the authorities in Pakistan to review and update the courses at college and university level and ‘research’ should be made a compulsory part of the academic course.

Currently, we are lacking far behind in research in almost all areas of life which is a huge drawback in our education system that needs drastic changes to cope up with the pace of modern world.

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