Sights of Sounds of Pakistan: Chitral Part-6

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Sights of Sounds of Pakistan: Chitral Part-6


There are number of tour operators who can arrange special helicopter safari to Chitral – Kalash Valley – Swat Valley.

For those who want to see the beauty of the area right from Islamabad, the best way is to venture Chitral by road – 393 kilometres from Islamabad and 363 kilometres from Peshawar, which takes about 10-12 hours.

From Islamabad or Peshawar, drive to Nowshehra and through Mardan and Dargai, go as far as But Khela. From here the road branches off to Swat and Chakdara. Take Chakdara route to Lower and Upper Dir and atop the 3,118 meters (10,230 feet) high Lowari Pass.

Nearing the pass, the weather beaten road climbs up on the Dir side in wide loops and plunges into Chitral in about 50 sphincter tightening switchbacks. Clouds envelop the Lowari summit throughout the year. These are accompanied by high winds.

Snow blocks the pass from December to April. During this time, the Kunar road is the only way into Chitral. Opened in 1987, the road links Chitral and Kunar; it enters Afghanistan at Arandu.

Running through the Afghan province of Kunar, it re-enters Pakistan through the Khyber Pass. The road remains open throughout the year, and its usage is made possible through an interim arrangement between the Chitral administration and Afghan authorities.

The Kalash Valleys of Bumburet, Birir and Rambur, for the peculiar lifestyle of its people which is a living image of what the European community once was in the medieval

This may be because this pagan tribe was set apart from the world for centuries and had lost interaction with its inhabitants, thereby following their unique customs, culture, and religion since 400 BC. And till now, the history and background of this primitive
tribe and its 3,000 people is still shrouded in mystery.

Sites of Gandhara Grave Culture (Proto historic Period) – The grave burials date back to era in between the Indus Valley Civilization and the arrival of Achaemenian in 600 B.C. These graves assume tourist and archeological attractions for
the reason that Chitral has never been a part of ancient Gandhara.


To be continued…

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