The Balochistan predicament: Who is to blame for?

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The Balochistan predicament: Who is to blame for?

The issues and institutions who have contributed towards the present state of affairs in Balochsitan have been well pointed out by the apex court. The Supreme Court seems absolutely right when it laments that instead of playing
their part in doing some damage repair, both central and provincial governments are fueling the fire in already burning province.

There are no two opinions about the fact that measures should have been taken long before we reached the present state of affairs, nevertheless, it is never too late to rectify the mistakes provided that even a modicum of sincerity
is still there among those sitting at the helm of the affairs.

However, for doing the damage repair, we will have to ponder upon some basic questions as to why Balochistan has reached to present state of anarchy, and is it simply the government to put the blame upon? The sooner we find answers
to these questions, the better we will be equipped to pull the province out of quandary it suffers from today.

As we all know, the law and order situation in Balochistan is linked up to multitude of factors. However, how much of it is government directly responsible for cannot be answered that clearly. Some of the major problems Balochistan
facing today include people going missing, tortured and bullet riddled bodies to be found later on the streets, and the anger such acts create lead to targeted killings, kidnappings for ransom, and suicide bombings. And all this contribute to the creation
of a state which leads the common Baloch to think that the state has never treated them fairly.

There is a wide consensus among the countrymen that the acts of illegal disappearances have been the core of the problem and that it is the work of the agencies. Repeatedly highlighted by the human rights activists, the apex court
also believe that the country’s secret agencies have a lot to do with the phenomenon. Given the history of the hostility that has ruled the province, it is not different to determine which forces the nature and occurrence of events in the province.

Although the people responsible of the prevailing chaos in the province have always used the paradigm of national security interests to justify the brutal acts on their part, yet the government has never opted for a clear stance
in this entire matter. And it is perhaps due to these paradoxes that our state has run out of that mutual confidence that binds a nation together.

Given the magnitude of military intervention in almost every affair of life, simply blaming the government for not playing its role appropriately will again not be enough. And a more holistic view will be required to put things
into perspective and decide on the way forward for the mutual benefit of the nation and the province.

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