Corruption converts protectors into violators

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Corruption converts protectors into violators

All over the world the security forces, particularly police, are formed to stop the criminal activities and to provide protection to general masses throughout the country.

Nonetheless, if the police force, which is supposed to provide protection to people, itself starts creating problems for people, the society will not be left anyone to go and complain to.

Department of Police in Pakistan has become the most corrupt as compared to all other departments that directly deal with common people.

Main reason behind this corruption of police officials is that they have a strong support of those who are on important positions in this department.

At the present hour, it has become a chain as all police men, from average to executive officials, are involved in corruption and there is no one who could take any action against them.

General masses of Pakistan who are already on the verge of starvation, become afraid of going to police station to register their complaint against anyone who has caused them loss in anyway whatsoever.

The officials in police department try their best to prolong the quarrel between two parties that came to them for the solution of their problem. These expert police men create confusion between both parties and then solve the issue by taking money from
both sides.

Distortion of facts is a routine work of police officials just to grab as much money as they can. The truth becomes useless as our police officials only surrender to money. Morality holds no worth for them at all.

Such police officials also put up superb show of discrimination between lower class and those who are high in status and wealth.

Poor people always pay the price for their sin those who are rich never gets any kind of punishment as they use money to get rid of their problem.

Now the protectors themselves have become the robbers and we have no one else to go to because all officials are involved in this heinous activity. There is no morality left in police department.

Our society will get rid of every crime and there will not be any law and order situation anymore if police officials become loyal to Pakistan and start performing their duties honestly.

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