What a Zombie Attack would be like in Pakistan! –Part 3

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 12:00:11 by

What a Zombie Attack would be like in Pakistan! –Part 3

Continued from part 2….

The army and police would continue fighting our shalwar kameez and dohti wearing zombies until they can’t fight anymore, something which they are known for doing and would definitely be in favour of those who have survived up until now.

Neighbouring countries would also be very much affected by this as India would most probably line their border with us with army men while Afghanistan would just suffer as zombies spring out from mountain tops and attack those poor souls who never even knew zombies could exist.

China would most probably send in some of its army to help fight but up to an extent to which they would be forced to completely shut down their border with us and look the other way since an outbreak up North would prove to be devastating to the entire Asian continent to the point of no return.

The Final Result

After months of fighting, most survivors would begin looking for ways to restart their lives as the military would be in full swing and killing off the remaining walkers. Life would certainly be hard in the rural areas as supplies would run short and entrances to cities would be completely blocked.

There would obviously be no electricity anywhere and only those who would have managed to store enough resources for a couple of months would have the luxury to continue living somewhat decent lives.

Slowly, the people that managed to stay alive would still have to be careful every time they come out since zombies know when and where to hide in order to find themselves a meal, which if not controlled, might just result in another outbreak.

An already weak Pakistani economy would be crippled as businesses and public offices would be completely shutdown. The world would have support the country for many, many years to come until we can get back on our feet.

All this is being said if Pakistan itself is able to control the situation and if not, then God be with us because renaming this country to Zombieistaan wouldn’t seem too irrational to many.

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