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Every time I switch on the television there is a romantic television series, movie or some other bat crazy romantic thing going on the television. The national television has been the source of a break from this outage of romance but lately they have succumbed to it as well.

What turns me off is the similar plot of all these different outpours. It is always the same, guy meets girl or sometimes the other way around, the parents or someone else is the ‘kabab main haddi’ and everything turns sour then.

The irony strikes when it does not matter if the pair in question have mutual consent of their respective parents, a phuppo or khala will jump in and will strike to make the girl  a victim all of a sudden. It is always going to be the girl on the receiving end, while the male lead will wait until the end to realize how he has been played and his love interest was on the right side from the start.

Even more interesting is when the romantic couple decide to elope. Somehow eloping from your parents’ house is the best idea and never has the dynamic duo ever considered the effects of their actions. They will always run into problems and out of the blue the tyrant parents develop sympathy for their distanced offspring.

Just take a minute and realize that no one will ever take time out to see what is going on, the issue that should be cried upon is never brought up, and the one that should be overlooked is always at the top of everyone’s head.

No one will ever take out time to think that I should talk to the person in charge and my love interest about the differences. They are always tacking the problems by blaming each other, getting involved in a useless fight that ruins everything.

With a daily routine of returning home exactly at the time this whole charade starts on prime time television, I would like a change in how everything goes around and should be catered to my interests. I am after all part of the population the media (so-called saviours of Pakistan) is catering to, even though it might be a niche.

There should be a movie, a tele-theatre, a 12 episode drama series, that is based on reason. I want the producers to show what really goes on. If there is a fight in my relatives or someone is acting like a douche people are always there to intervene.

The script writers have to understand that the only thing we are never lacking is advice. Everyone in Pakistan has something to say and we all believe that we are right. We will convince you that we are right and our advice is more close to ground realities than those before us.

I would like a script in which the duo in question elope and find out that they cannot sustain themselves, they return to their parents, talk to them, make up their minds and live happily ever after. They talk to each other, talk to those who can help, work their way to acceptability.

I would like a script in which they face the harshness of real life, talk with a human voice, get served by the police, have realistic salaries and live in realistic houses, everything is accounted for and nothing is left out.

It would be great to find a college going girl filling the role of a college going girl. I was amazed that Meera is still offered the roles of 16-year-old girls and people are made to watch this on national television.

With more media studies graduates joining the industry, I believe that the conditions will change as I am just optimistic about the coming generation and I have no reason to support my statement. A change will be good for us and for production houses who have been churning similar pieces one after the other.

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