Arum: We’re hoping to get a Mayweather fight done

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Bob Arum, who is often accused of being an impediment to Pacquiao-Mayweather, has said that he is hoping to get a Mayweather fight for his man on November 10 but on the same note he has admitted that the chances of setting up a mega-fight with the American are not very bright since he has just been released from jail.

While taking to the media Arum revealed that the Filipino boxing icon, Pacquiao, will return to the ring on November 10 and he has yet not decided about the opponent.

“I gotta tell Manny what I can afford for each fight and we need to talk about each fight, but he makes his own decision,” Arum said. “I’ve talked to him once earlier in the summer and he’s been thinking about what he wants to do. He’s going to fight on Nov. 10.”

Arum believes a mega-showdown with Mayweather, who is the current WBC welterweight champion, WBA (Super) light middleweight champion and recipient of the WBC Diamond belt, will take place after March next year.

Arum said, “I just hope we will be able to get the Mayweather fight done. I don’t think we can do it in November with Mayweather just being released from jail and so forth. I have had no signal from anybody on his side that he would be back so quick for a fight Nov. 10. I would think if we can make a deal it would be in the spring, in April, after March Madness.”

Arum stated that if he doesn’t get any call from Mayweather camp then he will look forward to a rematch with Miguel Cotto or a fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Timothy Bradley secured a highly controversial split decision over Pacquiao in June. Therefore many out there want to see a rematch between Pacquiao and Bradley. However, Arum reckons Cotto and Marquez both have a huge fan base and a fight with them will do a lot more business than a rematch with Bradley.

Well, all said and done, let’s see Manny Pacquiao fights whom this time.

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2 Comments for “Arum: We’re hoping to get a Mayweather fight done”

  1. reyocs

    Fraud Gayweather’s lies:
    1. Lied about the second negotiation – HBO’s big boss Ross Greenburg said that there was one.
    2. He claimed that he had a copy of the contract from the third negotiation – the media challenged him to show them the copy but Fraud Jr. couldn’t do so.
    3. It is well documented that he said that Manny was on PED’s (just go to youtube). He claimed that he never said that Pacquiao was on PED’s.
    4. He denied ever asking $100M to fight Pacquiao – Uncle Roger The Druggie with Elerbe nearby confirmed that Fraudie Jr. was asking for $100M in a video (see youtube).
    5. He said Manny you’re next recently. He claimed later on that he never said that.
    6. All his PED claims against Manny have been debunked by boxing writers such as Kevin Iole, Ace Freeman, John McKenna, and Superstar Billy Graham. When analyze one by one, they don’t hold water.
    7. Mosley called him a pathological liar. He said the Fraud Jr. had fabricated several claims about him.
    8. He was caught telling blatant lies on the Rugged Man RA’s radio show.
    9. He denies ever using Xylocaine even though it is well reported that he does use the banned substance. Please note that Xylocaine is illegal to use during a fight in Nevada and must be declared with the NSAC if they are being used before a fight.
    10. Lied to a South Carolina Federal judge in the Anthony Dash case and was ordered to do 40 hours of community service.
    11. It has been over two years now since he made his announcement that he was on a crusade to clean up boxing and push for better drug testing but according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer, he has yet to see him attend an open forum to discuss drug testing issues.
    12. As reported in the article “Manny Can Force Floyd to Live Up to His Drug Testing Demands” by Rock Zilla, Bleachers Report, in the final episode of 24/7, Mosley was shown being tested for blood and urine right before the fight but not Mayweather. The Fraudboy also wasn’t tested for Xylocaine and Lydocaine, which according to former NSAC medical advisory chairman Margaret Goodman, are not allowed to be used during a fight and have to be declared with the athletic commissioner if they are being used beforehand How come? Travis Tygart connection?
    13. After calling out Pacquiao through Twitter (“step up punk”) and claiming that Pacquiao is ducking him, it is now being reported that he rejected Manny’s proposal for a 55/45 cut where the winner would take the larger sharge for their Cinco De Mayo bout. Please note that when Fraudboy and Pacman were negotiating the cut off day for the OSDT, the Fraudboy was agreeable to a 50/50 cut.
    14. He once made the argument for demanding the OSDT that he could die inside the ring if Pacquiao was on PED’s. Now, he is using the health reason for not fighting Pacquiao.
    15. He claims he doesn’t like to fight at a catchweight but fought JMM at an agreed upon catchweight of 144 pounds. Btw, he showed up at the weigh in at 146 pounds.
    Now, why would anyone believe what comes out of the mouth of this liar and criminal? Only the dumb Flomos would!!

  2. Alberto C. Cabasada

    its Juan Manuel Marquez

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