Pakistan’s leadership need to formulate a solid foreign policy based on national interest

Thursday, August 9th, 2012 4:13:05 by

At the current crucial situation, Pakistan needs to formulate a solid foreign policy base on the national interest as time has arrived when the country requires a direction to follow in stead of letting the current pathetic conditions linger on.

The incident in which NATO forces attacked on a Pakistan’s security check post has forced the leadership to take some solid steps to secure the sovereignty of Pakistan and a rational foreign policy is required to tackly such disapproving situations.

USA has been using Pakistan for getting its own interest including the hold in this region of the world. Pakistan’s corrupt leaders have been fulfilling the desired of USA by the misuse of their power and they did so for getting personal benefits. USA has
pushed Pakistan in their war and the whole responsibility has been put on the shoulders of Pakistan.

Pakistan has lost more than 36,000 soldiers in this so-called war against terror and has also allowed USA to launch drone attacks in different areas of the country. Pakistan has also allowed USA to use its air bases and it supporting them in every possible

Pakistan is the only country that has paid immense price of countless sacrifices in this war against terror. Despite doing all these favours, which are completely against the will of the general masses of the country, USA wants Pakistan to do more and more.
USA doesn’t even care for what sacrifices Pakistan has paid in this so-called war against terror.

The leaders of the country have always been going against the will of general masses and have given USA a permission to strike drone attacks wherever they want. Countless innocent people have lost their lives in these drone attacks.

Despite doing all this, NATO forces deliberately targeted the security check post of Pakistani soldiers in the border area and USA is supporting NATO instead of apologising on this wicked and monstrous act.

Currently, the general masses of Pakistan have taken a strong stand against the NATO attacks and USA has been given the order to vacate Shamsi Air Base, which is considered to be a rational decision.

The leadership of Pakistan need to revive the self esteem of the country by reviewing the relationship with USA and take bold decisions in the vital interest of the nation and state. It is time to review and determine the foreign policy on equality basis
and according to the expectations of the whole nation.

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