Why the judicial restraint?

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 2:13:38 by

Why the judicial restraint?

Lately, there have been calls from legal fraternities demanding from judicial restraint from a court that is bent for rule of law and the constitution. While for some, the call for this restraint might be justified on grounds of the reason that a fragile
democracy must be provided with the room to nourish and nurture, for others, giving verdicts according to the books of law is the only way to promote the essence of democracy in Pakistan.

For all those crying for judicial restraint for continual of democracy, why don’t they ask one of the most corrupt regimes in the history of the country to do as directed by the court? An analyst, even with remote common sense can judge that the judiciary,
in this particular case, has a principled stand. And if things are that simple and clear, why the so called legal experts are asking for patience on part of apex court judges?

Amazingly, no one of them is asking to the incumbent government to write the letter to Swiss Authorities that the NRO is nullified and that cases must be opened up against President Zardari when he no more holds his office in Pakistan.

On a personal account, I was amazed to see Asma Jehangir criticizing the judiciary and legal experts like Aitzaz Ahsan demanding from the judiciary to toe the line stated by the government. However, soon it was clear that for having the government itself
as their client, they should not have been expected to retain their moral standing any more. 

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