Veena Malik’s vulgar photoshoot for B-grade film ‘Supermodel’

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The controversial queen, Veena Malik, is back in news once again and this time for a vulgar photoshoot, in which she is hardly wearing anything on her body.

The actress is participating in the shooting of her upcoming film ‘Supermodel’, which is being produced by Ravi Ahlawat and directed by Navin Batra, and for the film the 28-year-old has done an extremely raunchy photoshoot, in which she only wore a black bikini with shorts.

The Pakistani starlet, who looked stunning in the very bold photoshoot, has no regrets at all for shedding her clothes. The actress is rather proud of what she has done.

“Today, I’m very much feeling like a supermodel myself. The photoshoot, which I have done reflects the glamorous part of being a supermodel,” Veena said.

Veena Malik, who came to prominence during her stint in the ‘Bigg Boss 4’ house, created a stir in her country when she not too long ago appeared semi ‘nude’ on the cover page of a popular men’s magazine FHM India.

However, this time the way she has posed has left everyone in a state of shock.

Veena, who was recently hosting a religious TV show ‘Astaghfar’ in her country, tried her best to seduce the camera with her shapely long legs, washboard abs and dazzling deep eyes.

While sharing thoughts with the media, Veena said whatever she did was the requirement of the character.

“When it comes to the concept of ‘supermodel’, then it’s naturally lot of glamour, fashion and such things that come to your mind. Of course, I would say this is the requirement of the character, but when it comes to ‘Supermodel’, it is a complete entertaining film with all the essential elements,” Veena said here.

“There is going to be lot of emotions in it. It is a fashion and glamour-related film, but you will also see a lot of emotions in it. So whatever the clothes I am wearing and the kind of look I am sporting, it is a part of the film and was required for the character,” she added.

Let’s see how much criticism comes to Veena Malik’s way now.

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