Veena Malik: I’m on a career high

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The Pakistani starlet Veena Malik is in India for the past couple of years and she is pretty happy with her stay in the country.

The 28-year-old recently had an interview with the Daily Times, in which she discussed about her various passions and journey in the Bollywood industry.

While speaking on her inclusion, the actress insisted she is having a great time in the industry and she is pretty happy with her career because she has three major Bollywood releases this year, Navin Batra’s ‘Supermodel’, Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Mumbai 125 Km’ and ‘Zindagi 50-50’.

Veena said, “I’m on a career high. I have three major Bollywood releases this year and the next.”

Veena believes the characters she has played in the movies have helped her learn a lot.

She remarked, “If you talk about naming a favourite character or a least favourite, I cannot really put my finger on one. I believe every role that I have played, good or bad, helped me learn a lot and eventually brought out the actress in me.”

Apart from the movie, Veena Malik is also in the news since she is about to launch her first single. She is known as the drama queen in the Hindi Cinema as she has always stayed in the news for wrong reasons and this is a reason why she has chosen ‘Drama Queen’ as the title of her song.

While sharing thoughts about her upcoming song Veena admitted she is a drama queen but on the same note the actress said there is a drama queen in almost every girl out there.

She told Daily Times, “I believe there is a drama queen in every girl and I’m no different. My definition of a drama queen is someone who loves having her way, loves getting attention and being showered with affection and care all the time.”

She added, “I wouldn’t say I am entirely like that, but yes I do have my “drama queen” moments. So the song is specifically written for those ladies who may deny it or not, but know in their hearts what big drama queens they are.”

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