Baroness’ John Baizley talks about the bus accident in England

Saturday, October 6th, 2012 5:12:33 by

In a recent interview to Loudwire, Baroness’ John Baizley has revealed about the bus accident that took place in England on August 15.

“I’ve been living with it now for close to seven weeks. It’s a physical pain, a corporeal pain that won’t go away. I’m still not quite so far from the injury that I’m without pain. There’s a 16, 17-inch scar going down my arm that hasn’t healed yet. There’s a small army of metal pieces inside which are not only keeping me together, but are also beginning to react with the organic parts of my body. At the same time, it’s important for me, given the nature of my injuries, that I’m as mobile as I possibly can be. So I’m trying to move what doesn’t want to be moved. All the while, this stuff is trying to heal up, so there’s that pain”

“Along with that comes some very extensive nerve damage, which extends from the top of my shoulder all the way down to my fingertips. I essentially had all of the musculature and all of the nervous system removed from my arm for eight hours during the surgery. Once it was replaced, you’re dealing with scar tissue and you’re dealing with some parts which aren’t going to work again. The top half of my arm has no physical feeling to it anymore, and won’t. When I first came out of surgery, there was this very, very extreme and incredibly painful pins and needles feeling in my hand, which scared me at first because I was saying to myself, ‘Oh God, what if this lasts forever? What if everything I touch hurts?”

“I’ve been broken down to the basic physical functions of a 2 year old, and since the accident I’ve been trying to reclaim myself from all directions, and it doesn’t happen without pain. It’s still so fresh for me that I’m still waiting for the first moment of my life where just sitting here doesn’t hurt”, Baizley stated.


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