Veena Malik victim of the nation’s hypocrisy

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Pakistani actress-cum-model Veena Malik is shunned by the very society that created her into what she is today.

It surely comes as a shock to find people speaking her name with disgust, as if bringing the very name on their tongue would cause it to burn.

This sort of an attitude of the Pakistani nation surely highlights the hypocrisy and double standards that exist in the society.

Earlier this year, the whole nation was in awe of Ali Zafar for securing the lead role in Bollywood’s romantic-comedy film “London, Paris, New York”.

The film featured the actor alongside Aditi Rao, who shared some pretty intense on-screen chemistry with Ali.

The film did not exactly reflect the moral values that are supposedly taught in Pakistan or any other Muslim country for that matter.

For some reason, nearly everyone in the country could not accept Veena making her own small nest in India.

They had a problem with everything that she was doing there, from romancing Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel in Colors’ reality show Bigg Boss to wearing revealing clothes in item songs.

While there was an uproar over what she was doing or saying in India, there was hardly anyone who stood up to question all the things that are going on in Pakistan.

We are not living in a very clean society. Our moral values are deteriorating with every passing day. The fine line between modernism and immorality is fading.

As long as the girls are becoming bold, but reserving that boldness for the country of their own men, the society seems to be pretty happy.

However, the moment that girl goes and does that same thing in India, the acts are considered to be heinous.

The hypocrisy needs to stop and people need to stop obsessing over her. She is a rabbit in comparison to all the wolves that plague the country and therefore should be left in peace.

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