Education; the only solution of all problems

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Undoubtedly, education is the only source of development, growth, ascent, skill and it is also the source of awakening of human thinking and conscious.

Education leads human beings to the virtuous path having pulled out them from the deviation ways of darkness but regrettably majority of people are unfamiliar with the basic meaning and purpose of education despite having higher degrees.

Many people take education as only to learn, teach, preparation of examination and the source of getting better employment.

Without any doubt, education is proved to be helpful and supporter on all these material matters but it is not its basic purpose yet the main objective of education is to provide mental, physical and moral training to a human being.

Comprehensively, a person is the composition of these three collective qualities including mental, physical and ethical.

A renowned educationist has said that “the education is not meant for only to pass on information but for the perfect life it means growth of intellectual/mental, body and moral training of nature”.

The great educationists, scholars, and philosophers have declared the mental, physical and moral training as the fundamental objective of education.  The basic theme of education does not change despite its field is varied.

In the present age the moral deficiency which is being seen for example perverseness of some educated youths and blind following of the west causing destruction of their moral, cultural and religious values so in their discarding and isolation education cannot be blamed but it is fault of our education system.

In our country countless colleges, schools, universities and other fine art institution for education and knowledge are existed and among them several are renowned for their best education standard.

However it is bitter fact that educational institutions are growing but true teaching and learning is descending because mostly among them are not paying proper attention on mental, physical and moral training.

These are vital because along with knowledge and coaching the building of characters and moral of students is obligation of the educational institution.

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