PML-N fears rigging under President Zardari – Arbab Khizer Hayat

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PESHAWAR: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) PLM N leader Arbab Khizer Hayat has said that elections under Zardari and company will be meaningless; there are strong possibilities of rigging in those elections. The care taking setup should be made under the supervision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Zardari must leave the presidency before the election.


Talking to journalists He said that such a leader like Zardari cannot change destiny of the people as he does not believe in keeping his word. He said that Zardari, who congratulated America on the shameful incident of Abottabad, can never be sincere to his country. Contrary to this, he said, Nawaz Sharif rejected international pressure and carried out nuclear tests in response to India. He said that Zardari has gathered in Presidency those leaders who had been accused by Benazir of hatching conspiracies of her murder. He said that Pakistan is being looted with both hands and it is necessary that plunderers should be rejected in the next general elections to save the country.


He was talking to media men here on Sunday. He said that Zardari gang has defamed democracy in the name of conciliation and the benefits of democratic system have not reached the masses during the last four and a half years due to corruption, nepotism and plundering of the federal rulers. He said that people are still facing numerous problems and the ouster of inefficient rulers who have given nothing but load shedding, price-hike, corruption and unemployment to the masses is only a matter of time. He said that Ali Baba and Forty Thieves have set new record of loot and plunder and the culture of corruption nepotism and Safarish has ruined the country.


Khizer said that Zardari gang is mainly responsible for the crises being faced by the country and if the nation got rid of the corrupt gang, the country’s problems would automatically be solved. He said the elements who indulged in loot and plunder in the name of development projects during the dictatorial era are again setting records of corruption and misappropriation of funds. However, he said, people fully recognize their faces and will not be hoodwinked by them. He further said that selfless service to the people and bringing the less- privileged segment of the society into the mainstream of development is the pivot of the politics of Muslim League-N.


Khizer said that PMLN is more interested in provision of jobs to the youth and prosperity of the country than acquisition of power. He said that though PML-N does not have a magic wand but it has a positive thinking and if given opportunity, it will fight to the end to safeguard national interests. He said that during Nawaz Sharif era Pakistan was in a position to export electricity to India but the thieves and dacoits, sitting in Islamabad, have brought the country to such a miserable state that its cities and villages remain plunged in darkness for 16 hours daily. He said that it is time to break the begging bowl and live like a dignified nation.

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