Pakistani HTC Users Wait Eagerly for Jelly Bean Update

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 2:43:35 by

The Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense update was an amazing one and greatly improved the performance of many aspects of HTC phones, especially their high-end One series sets, but now, it seems like Pakistani users will just have to show patience yet again as there is not set date for the Jelly Bean update to roll out in the South Asian region just yet.


Thailand was amongst the first countries to get it, obviously since that is where the HTC Headquarter is located, but users of their higher end sets like the One X eagerly await its arrival and hope that it won’t take as long, like the previous ICS update.


For the One X users, it is certainly time to rejoice as latest benchmark tests show that the Jelly Bean OS update boosts the phone’s performance by manifolds and much higher than a lot of its competitors, the biggest being the Samsung Galaxy SIII.


In latest reports, those who have HTC models with less than 512 MB of RAM will unfortunately not be getting the update, due to it being a specific requirement in order to run smoothly. It is a well known fact that the entire purpose of Jelly Bean was to allow higher end smartphones with quad-core processors and such, be used to their full capacity, something which previous versions were just unable to do.


Ice Cream Sandwich was introduced to allow tablets and phones with larger screens to have Android installed and not look all stretched out, but now, Jelly Bean is taking all that to the next level as consumers want to put their smartphones to the test.


Hopefully this message gets out to HTC so that Pakistani users will not have to wait as much as they did for the ICS update.

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