Kickstarter starts rendering its services to UK developers

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After meeting a lot of success in America, Kickstarter has already begun to show-off very positive signs in United Kingdom.

The popular crowd-funding website has already gone live in Europe, offering a much-needed solution to a very taxing problem that stands in the way of creative minds from unleashing themselves and reaching their true potential.

While the gaming industry is seemingly quite dry on innovation, Kickstarter is well aware of the promising talent and ideas that are caught in the shackles of financial constraints and therefore unable to cultivate their ideas.

As a result, the crowd-funding website is serving as a bridge between the developers and general public, allowing them to communicate with each other and form the kind of bond that was rarely seen before.

Not being in a position to win the confidence or even catch the eye of publishers, many developers find themselves without enough resources to start working on their project.

Kickstarter, however, allows people to pledge money to these projects, which in effect means that they act as financers for the project.

These contributions vary in amount and act as blood, keeping the development of the project alive.

American developers have been taking full benefit of this settlement for quite some time and now the crowd-funding website has also gone live in Europe, thus offering the same opportunity to the talented UK developers to overcome the financial hurdles and start working on their projects.

Kickstarter has slightly different conditions for UK than America, with one of the most notable difference being that the people who want to pledge UK projects will have to enter their payment information through Kickstarter instead of through Amazon Payments that is used for American projects.

Other differences include the currency for UK projects being stated in pounds sterling. The crowd-funding website has facilitated people outside UK interested in pledging a UK project by automatically converting their currency to the US dollar.

While Kickstarter landed on the European shore only a week ago, 1,500 projects in the region have already gotten underway, thus indicating the interest of the developers and both faith as well as generosity of the people towards them.

Though it is ideally designed to aid small developers, some large developers are reaping full benefit off the crowd-funding system as well.

Obsidian Entertainment, inXile Entertainment, Cloud Imperium Games and Double Fine are just few of the studios that are raising funds for their projects through the Kickstarter website.

Even though the website has gotten off to an excellent start in the European region, it remains to be seen how the results turn out.

Another thing that many developers around the world are interested in knowing is that when Kickstarter plans on opening up its services for their region.

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