Resident Evil 6 successful to some degree, says Capcom

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Critics have not been very kind while reviewing Resident Evil 6, highlighting a number of issues that Capcom has allegedly allowed to stay in the game before releasing it to the public.

The reception to the sixth title in the once loved and still renowned survival horror third-person shooter had not been generally great, causing many analysts to say that it was yet another unsuccessful attempt by the company to lift the brand to its former glory.

Capcom, however, does not feel the same way and believes that the recent release did enjoy some degree of success.

During a question and answer question, the publisher asserted that the record 4.5 million sales initially cannot be overlooked and deserves to be acknowledged as success, even though to a small degree.

“Resident Evil 6 continues to generate repeat sales in Japan and overseas. Furthermore, initial shipments set a new record for a Capcom title. So this game has been successful to some degree,” reads a line from the response during the session.

The publisher further went on to point out that it is still too early to believe that Resident Evil 6 has failed to garner success and appeal to the gamers, since the upcoming holiday season may see an increase in the sales of the game.

Capcom noted that the development team working on the latest Resident Evil instalment had taken their time to give attention to various details, looked at the fans’ feedback and taken the suggestions and demands into consideration while working on the project.

“We therefore believe it is too early to reach a conclusion about how users view this game. We always listen carefully to the feedback from users and use this information when developing game,” the statement reads.

Ever since Resident Evil 2, which was one of the most critically acclaimed titles in the franchise, Capcom has been struggling to please the fans of the horror survival third-person shooter.

The games that followed appeared to be lacking the depth that the initial titles seemed to exhibit and thus the fans that had grown a strong affection for the brand began to complain about the quality.

Despite putting in a lot of efforts into the development of Resident Evil 6, the publisher failed to do well in regions outside of Japan, which indicated that there were still a lot of issues with the game that needed to be addressed, which included the camera angles and plenty of quick-time events.

It remains to be seen if the sales of Resident Evil 6 increase as Capcom claims. There is a possibility for the game to see an increase in its popularity because of the downloadable content (DLC) that is currently in the pipeline.

The PC port of Resident Evil 6 is currently in development stage and is scheduled to release sometime next year.

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