Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2: A Breathtaking End to the Saga

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Twilight is not a movie that is meant for everyone. Some might say it is meant for teenage girls that fantasize about falling in love with a mythical creature and dream about living forever with that special someone, but Twilight, as I see it, is certainly special in its own way for those who think about it


The entire Twilight series, which is based on a series of romantic fantasy novels by Stephenie Meyer for those who don’t know, has been a wild ride and one that will keep fans watching over and over again. While the production team has announced wanting to continue the series despite there not being any more books to adapt, it is hard seeing a continuation as exciting as was the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2.


While the previous installment was a little slow and rather a build up for the mega show, those who haven’t watched the second part are in for a ride and a very spectacular end to it all, and for those who have already seen it, they know exactly what I’m talking about.


It was all fun and games as long as Bella (Kristen Stewart) was a normal human being, but that all changes when she comes back to life after being bitten by Edward (Robert Pattinson) in an attempt to save her life after giving birth.


Breaking Dawn Part 2 is much better compared to any other part of the series as there is less romance and a lot more important aspects of the whole series to focus on that tingle the imagination and thrill at every twist and turn.


Nonetheless, some people would still disagree, but Twilight is still a movie that has shaken the box office quite a number of times and being someone who has not seen what everyone is talking about would keep you in the minority.

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