New Study Finds Smoking Changes Genes, Increasing Risk of Cancer

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We all know that cigarette smoking is extremely harmful and is proved to be a leading cause in a number of deaths around the globe, each and every year. While the habit may have declined in a number of countries, it still prevails in those nations where literacy is low and cigarettes are widely available at cheap prices.


According to latest research data, smoking may also lead to a change in your genetic code, also known as DNA. The findings may not be the same for every single person who smokes, but there is hefty proof that it definitely affects the chemical code is some way or another.


The study was published in Human Molecular Genetics in which researches analyzed epigenetic signatures in blood cells from nearly 400 individuals in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).


A number of factors effected the results, such as diet, lifestyle and environmental surroundings that increased or changed the chances of developing cancer or heart disease.


Surprisingly, half of the people, men and women, who joined the group went on to develop some sort of cancer, while the other half did not and continued to remain healthy, raising questions on what kind of molecular structure does it really affect in such a negative way.


While the figures may not seem that intimidating, smoking should be given up as a habit as there is no telling how it will affect an individual with everyone’s DNA being different.

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