Why Altaf Husain prefers to defame Pakistan’s founder?

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Altaf Hussain, the self-exiled leader of the Mutahidda Qaumi Movement or MQM, used his over two hours of telephonic address to his supporters to defame founder of the nation, Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at a time when the people were receiving shocking news of the deaths of nearly 115 people in bomb attacks in Quetta and Swat.


All TV channels were equally responsible to give live coverage to MQM leader’s highly derogatory remarks against the great leader who led the Muslims of the Sub-Continent achieve an independent country. The TV channels freedom is only because of the founder of the nation.


Pakistan currently faces many serious challenges and there is a dire need of unity to find out solutions but the MQM leader ignored the real problems, of which the MQM is fully responsible for being part of the two governments for ten years. The MQM backed the military dictatorship of General ® Musharraf and then enjoyed privileges with the PPP’s rule.


The people of Pakistan were anxiously waiting for his much-anticipated ‘political drone’ strike but in fact proved to be an attack on Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. His outbursts about the great leader evoked strong condemnation across the country.


Hussain, who fled Pakistan in 1992 one month before the security forces launched a major operation in Karachi to clean the port city of weapons as the city had been virtually at the mercy of armed gangs. He had applied for political asylum and also got British citizenship.


He defended his loyalty to Britain and his British nationality and came up with a ridiculous notion that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had also shown loyalty to Britain. The MQM leader forgot that when Pakistan was created many people had British passports as Pakistani institutions had been in the process of making.


His speech proved to be mere rhetoric and hollow claims of his so-called political drone as he failed to come up with any positive thing and raised controversial issues.


Firing drone at the person of Quaid-e-Azam, he also hinted to seek division of Sindh province if the government did not accept the local governments system.


People in Pakistan were surprised to listen to MQM’s leader live speech from London on phone when he threatened to call for separate province for the Urdu-speaking people only on the issue of the local bodies system.


The MQM leader’s speech was widely condemned by majority in Pakistan and termed it an attack on the person of Quaid-e-Azam.


Senator Pervez Rashid of the PML-N condemned Altaf Hussain for his objectionable remarks against the founder of the nation and said that Altaf has tarnished historic facts. He also reminded the MQM chief that Sharif brothers had been sent into exile by the dictator but they did not seek foreign citizenship.


Sindhi nationalist leader Ayaz Palejo condemned Altaf Hussain and accused him of breaking the country, he said Altaf Hussain has staged rebellion against Pakistan by his objectionable remarks about Pakistan. He said that Altaf Hussain has deviated from the ideology of Pakistan.


In view of holding British citizenship, the MQM leader also expressed reservations about the Supreme Court’s verdict that has barred dual nationality holders from becoming members of the parliament. He asked the apex court to review its verdict.


The people in Pakistan were expecting some important announcements from the self-exiled MQM chief in his much-anticipated ‘political drone’ but it proved to be a just a media stunt to attract attention of the people.


Like on previous occasions, the MQM leader once again asked his supporters whether he should end his exile, Dr Farooq Sattar, said ‘Bhai do not come’ as it is the request from the workers. That was enough for Altaf Hussain to enjoy life in the UK.


People will keep on asking the MQM leadership as to why Altaf Hussain delivered high controversial remarks about the founder of the nation when the people are faced with bomb blasts, power outage, poverty, unemployment and price-hike.


Altaf Hussain reiterated support for the most controversial long-march by Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, his decision is thought to be against his own government in which his ministers are enjoying all privileges.

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1 Comment for “Why Altaf Husain prefers to defame Pakistan’s founder?”

  1. Shoaib

    I feel sorry for all the mqm people
    As they are following a mentally sick leader.

    Who probably is a drunk when he makes these telephonic calls.

    His so called drone attack I feel was on his own party.

    Let him make a few more telephonic calls (drone attacks) and he will heimself kill his party.

    God save us from such peope who have taken our city Karachi hostage.

    I pray for the hand of God or his drone attack on such people.

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