My city in Europe, my house in Africa

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Every citizen of Lahore is going through a terrible psychological situation at the moment. To me, it is a very strange; like my city is in Europe but my house looks like a part of a poor African country. To make you understand, I have to explain my daily

I find no electricity at my home in the morning. On the other hand, the big street lamps on the roads are shining even in the day time.

Since there is no electricity at my home, I find no water. But when I look outside, I see workers washing roads with fresh clean water, and even watering the dead plants.

When raining, my house looks helpless, as water does not hesitate to come down through the roof. I don’t have money to build a new house with concrete. On the contrary, I see workers using massive amount of concrete on unnecessary roads. They prepare one,
but suddenly start breaking. And then they prepare another one.

I have no good job in Lahore. On the other hand, the way Punjab government is wasting money on Metro Bus Service, it looks Lahore is one of the most developed cities on the surface of this earth.

My kids don’t go to any good school. I cannot afford to give them good healthy food. There is no clean water available. Loadshedding has completely destroyed my family business. The local policemen are totally unable to protect me and my family. I feel scared
going out in the dark. The government gives me no job, not even a bad one. This is the story of my house.

On the contrary, my city is enjoying a great life. I see new bridges and underpasses every day. Despite power crisis, new electrical stairs are in place at every bus stop. There are no exact figures available, but according to the independent sources, the
government has spent almost 100 billion rupees on this bus service.

People are dying with hunger, but the government is feeding concrete to the roads and bridges. House of the poor is about to collapse, but the government is decorating the city with different style of underpasses. I sometimes wonder what is more important
to this government; hungry citizens or roads!!!

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