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A game that sweeter than our most favourite candy, more fun than our most favourite ride in the park and at times more frustrating than having to go to bed as early as 9 pm, yes Tetris is indeed one of the most cherish-able game from our past.

The tile-matching puzzle video game has been made for many platforms, which include consoles as well as portable video game devices, but one of the most memorable versions of the game came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) during the 80s.

Even though the game developers did not have access to the sort of technology that is used to create the graphic intensive and visually stunning games of today, they made the most of whatever they had to develop a game that was as high on an entertaining gameplay as any game that has been made to date.

The graphics of Tetris were nothing to write home about, as you simply found yourself staring at a pretty ordinary setting with various shapes appearing on the screen, that you had rotate and move before they hit the bottom of the screen in order to make sure that they fit as nicely as possible.

This extremely simple setting, however, hardly ever came off as dull or monotonous because of one thing that the game makers of today seem to have started giving less priority today, gameplay.

Gameplay is the real star in Tetris and the primary reason why the game is among the best games to have ever been made.

As mentioned before, the player has to manipulate the game pieces shaped like tetrominoes geometric shapes that appear on the screen in random sequence, which range from a line, block, T shape, L shape, etc., so as to make them fit with each other on the bottom of the screen. The idea of the game is to complete horizontal lines without leaving any gaps to make that whole line disappear.

The intended motivation completing and making the horizontal lines disappear is to make sure that the shapes do not end up reaching the top of the screen, which results in the game coming to an end. As the game progresses, the speed at which the game pieces fall becomes faster.

The simplistic gameplay becomes even more fun when a player is up against another. Some versions of the game offer split-screen, though the NES version of the game does not offer multi-player. That, however, is not an issue as players can take turns to set a high score.

With two or more players up against each other, the additional element of challenge that gets added to the game makes it even more entertaining. Fortunately, the simple gameplay allows the game to be accessible to players of all ages and gender.

The gripping gameplay and high value of entertainment sure makes Tetris one of the best games of all time.

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