Journey of life to Khana Kaba in Makkah Saudi Arabia

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Khana kaba journey

Right before me was khana kaba Makkah and what i felt and went through can’t be explained. I met wise ones, the orphans and people from all walks of life – talking to each made me realize something different. I’ll try my best to sum it up.  Life without hope and plan is a long existence, your learning, adventures and troubles translate into experience.  I was lucky by the will of God, for just being there. Becoming a wise man, is it a myth? Understanding what and who you are working hard for can lead you to a rich life.  The homecoming came after loads of encounters and some strokes of fortune. In the end, everything ends up being a self-confrontation. The facts and events that we live, serve as mirrors of our interiority. What happens out there is often little to fit our expectations and illusions. Only a blind trust in life itself, knowledge and mysteries can also scare the ghosts of fear, hopelessness and oblivion.

Dispossessed of country and family, cultivated courage, cunning, friendship and honor ignoring the siren song that intended to undermine a soul who drank bitter pills of nostalgia. Just remembering the trip moistened my eyes. The path of detachment is the hardest of all. That’s the big trip. Anyone who made it there would love to return to it, transformed. It will teach you real truth about life. As one grows, so does this feeling to be essence. Hard of softie affection to love, not fear, which is given, which fluctuates. An addiction that expresses what we were and what we already are. Every choice we make in life, supports or denies this piercing done.

Khana Kaba in Makkah Saudi Arabia is the symbol of life’s journey (exit, fight and return). It is a path of transformation, the conquest of oneself does not happen only to be known, but to uncover its essential nature, become a Seeker of true, a seeker of truth. Although the trip we started at birth, often half our maturity when we have a greater awareness of life as a process. There have been a before and after and together it makes it a whole. Innocence lost on the way to discover that there is neglect and abundance just one day. Orphans i met, wandered trying to find their place in the world. They fight against the odds and try to fit into the prevailing social models.

Tired of inner war arrived to the big question: what’s the point if there is vacuum packed in hours, days of dissatisfaction, disappointments and unexpected changes rennet busting all expectations? What’s the point if you have already done all your wishes? What else is there other than a repetition? Is there anything out there that is total and infinite? There is no doubt that this time we sense that the road ahead is going inward. You have to leave, deconstruct the character to go into the bowels of a question: Who am I?

For many people the challenge is a way of life. For other a risk, a fear to discover unknown aspects that may overshadow your present life. The search for answers, the desire to change is resistance soon. How much truth we can bear? What if you get lost along the way? What if it is a booby? Conservative, the fearful, the ” whiner ” and appears lazy. Instead of going to love, fear roams. Intent is passed justification. The force  and fear of being put on the spot, hidden in the mind.

The mind is adept at creating illusions or delusions. Play incessantly duality, which keeps you guessing your decisions. It’s like asking: what you prefer, a broken ring or fake ring? So are many of our thoughts fragmented or illusory. Nothing is complete, nothing is real in the mind games. However we entangle, confuse, seduce. Can make us see what is not there, become imaginary sick, frighten or paralyze resist provided out of our comfort zones.

Faced with the challenge of living, going to holly land thought me there are five things not to engage in change:

1. Everything changes and everything ends.

2. Things do not always go as we planned so alter your path for better

3. Life is not always fair but use what you have and never lose hope

4. Pain is part of life, understanding it allows you to embrace happiness

5. People are not always loving and loyal but you count, you be loyal

The road to acceptance, to recognize that what is, is, ends up being more beneficial to the delusions.

What we call reality is just the screen that reflects our interiority. Just that sometimes, what we see outside we deny in ourselves. That is called our shadows and projections. We see in others what we lack, or extol the virtues and ideals that we feel dispossessed, or we become serious to hide unseemly desires.

The trip to the holly land, is for the inner you. Wealth is on the road and not on arrival. In this encounter with ourselves, with our treasures and our dragons is the key to wisdom. Delving fearlessly into the unconscious. Shedding light on the darkness. Never to fear your shadows. Do not be fooled by illusions. That’s the journey of the hero, its a process to transform yourself into one.

Being there is the symbol of the union of the elements to achieve the purest and most noble material. In our psychological life is about the union of opposites.

– The void behind him the same amount of fullness. – The process of integration is to contain, not delete. Sometimes we are very hard on ourselves by demanding the removal of all our shortcomings. – The whole is complete, not perfect. – What can struck us, also raises awareness.

When you get there, the first look is extremely important. They say, when you look at the Kaba for the very first time, ask for anything and it will come true. Being the sinner i was, i tested it and sure enough, every dua i made came true.  On day two go in the middle of night sit in front and close your eyes. Login to connect with the present moment, the now and here in all its boldness. Your face will be serene yet emerge from being there a huge intensity. Then you will understand that speeches, thoughts and emotional wells could just muddying this sacred moment.  We spend our lives waiting for the big day, the big battle or great feat of power. But such external consummation is not given to many, and it must be so. As long as you enjoy passionately in the spirit of everything you do, that spirit will emerge from your efforts hidden and nameless.

The trip to khana kaba Makkah changed my perspective a lot. Life is not a treasure hunt, or a circuit of adventures but sometimes it seems. Rather is stepping enlarge consciousness, leaving the bondage of ego and embracing what each moment brings. Understand that everything fades and dies in us gives us more pure reality. It reveals the light behind the shadows, so often we find it difficult to fathom. You can read about it, heard it from people, see it in pictures but being there is a feeling and experience you must experience in person. It will change your life, will make you a better person and world a better place.


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