Modi achieved a landslide victory in Indian Elections

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“It is time the Government of Modi ” the covers of many media in India said. After the close of the latest polls from a marathon election victory of the Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi in the world’s largest democracy was clear from the early hours of Friday morning. Although the results are not yet definitive, because the count is underway, it is clear that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) win by itself more than the 272 seats needed to form a government. At last count, the nationalists will get more than 300 of the 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament. Since the beginning of the campaign the polls predicted a nationalist victory, but few believed it could govern alone. Since 1984, no party has won an absolute majority alone.

Experts believe that the victory of Modi, more than likely future prime minister, is due to promises of economic prosperity, for which the nationalist leader gave the example of his Government in the State of GujaratĀ  whose economic growth remains above 10%. Another factor has been that the Indians want a tough leader, to take more forceful decisions.

So far there has been little reaction from the part of society that is against Modi, eg Muslims, who account for about 15% of the population. Modi, who has no qualms called Hindu fundamentalist, was tried and acquitted for lack of evidence by the Supreme Court for his potential liabilities in the wave of inter-religious violence in Gujarat in 2002 during his rule. Killed about 1,000 people, mostly Muslims. Despite the ruling, many believe that he had some degree of involvement.

But this result is a punishment for the ruling Congress Party and the Gandhi family which has lost popularity by the economic slowdown and corruption scandals. This time, the political party that has ruled India 54 of its 67 years of independence, including the last ten, could win just 72 seats, a figure that includes his political allies. Rahul Gandhi, the puppy of the dynasty, had the consolation of not losing in the district of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, which is the family stronghold from where they won in the past his uncle (Sanjay), his father (Rajiv Gandhi) and mother (Sonia Gandhi). “The fault is not just Rahul, is a collective failure,” said Satyavrat Chaturvedi, a senior party leader. “We accept the mandate of the people, we welcome and accept our defeat.”

Modi has won in two constituencies in which presented: Vadodara, Gujarat and Varanasi, the holiest city in Hinduism, which appealed to the religious vote. The Hindu, 63, followed the recount on television at home in Gujarat and when his victory was clear, was to ask his mother ‘s blessing. “Here are my blessings. The country is going to develop,” said the 95 years mother to his son. Out of BJP offices have distributed sweets to celebrate the victory.

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