Death of a dynasty, a leader is born

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Narendra Modi ‘s victory is a radical change in the Indian political history, historically dominated by the Nehru Gandhi dynasty he founded. Face it has emerged the charismatic figure of Narendra Modi, the nationalist party BJP, supported by the brilliant management of the State of Gujarat, the only shadow of anti-Muslim riots of 2002, whose victims are still there without being recognized.

Modi ‘s victory, beyond being a new stadium in alternating cycles of the major parties, responding to structural changes that have taken place in Indian society over the past decade under high rates of economic growth. The most significant of these is the increase of the middle class and its growing influence to promote and strengthen the values of capitalist consumer society, which are naturally themselves as Hindus artha and kama principles, wealth and pleasure-seeking in India, often shown as the prodigious Bollywood. It is this model that seems to have emerged as a unifying mosaic of Indian interests, can be superimposed on the loyalties of caste and region since 1989 had prevented achieve a parliamentary majority parties and the political future condemning an apparent stagnation.

The growing middle class, and the hundreds of millions of Indians who aspire to join their ranks, have seen Modi output to large problems: endemic corruption, political patronage and ineffective management. Modi, whose way of Spartan life contrasts with that of a discredited political class, has been presented as the ideal leader for extending the transformations he has done in Gujarat. And what has been achieved with a speech capable of fusing multiple Indian identities. Become a mass communicator, the use of his image in mask exhibited by all his followers in the territory of India has led a revolution in political propaganda.

Narendra Modi has huge challenges ahead. The management of the government of India is not comparable to that of a state like Gujarat and its program is extremely ambitious in all areas. Anticipated changes in legislation to expedite the business culture, will open the country to foreign investment, and hence recovery of the economic growth.

Remains to be seen how the religious and cultural agenda of Hindu nationalism will be managed, the implementation of which has traditionally been accompanied by clashes between Hindus and Muslims. Currently it is essential that Modi is for India in its present situation the man of his time.

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