Three Myths about Poverty

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three myths about poverty

To think that nothing can be done against poverty is the most convenient approach to do nothing. Moreover, it is false. It attempts to demonstrate the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates, who earlier this year at its annual open letter, claimed three myths that block the fight against global inequality. The campaign #stopthemyth, through detailed explanations on his blog and some short educational films, tries to show that many of the ideas installed in most of the population are simple lies only lead to inaction. These are the three biggest myths that attempt to banish.

1. Poor countries are doomed to remain so
Since 1990 poverty has been cut to less than half and countries that were traditionally recipients of international aid, such as South Korea, India, Japan and Brazil, are now donating others to improve their situation. According to the Gates Foundation, if progress continues at this pace, there could be no poor countries in 2035.

2. International aid does not help
Donor countries spend less than 1% of its budget on foreign aid. It helps that saves lives, improves quality of life and offers ” a huge return on a small investment,” explained in a video.

This is because, contrary to what many people think, wars and natural disasters are not the major causes of mortality. In fact, preventable diseases with relatively little money charged many more lives. 83% of the world’s children under five die from diseases that could have been cured, problems in childbirth or nutrition, all preventable with proper care or treatment. “That’s where we can change the world,” said Bill Nye.

3. Global overpopulation is directly linked to saving more lives
It is the cruelest of all three myths. And it is also false. The countries with the highest mortality rates are also those with higher rates of population growth. Statistics show that when children survive, parents tend to breed less. This has been proven in countries where the trend has changed, such as Thailand or Brazil.

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