Germany’s selective immigration Policy

Monday, May 26th, 2014 3:58:21 by
Germany immigration policy

Germany not only exerts economic locomotive of Europe, but has become the second magnet for talent in the world after the United States. After years of dispute in which large segments of opinion regarded immigration as a problem for the welfare state and a threat to national identity, the discourse changed substantially since 2004. It looked like a conflict became valued as an opportunity to strengthen economic dynamism; always, albeit under very strict control.

The change resulted in stimulus measures to attract and facilitate the integration of the desired profiles and deterrence for immigrants who do not meet their needs. To the first category belong employment plans and host some states apply to absorb engineers, computer scientists and other highly skilled professionals. In the second, the new law will limit budding foreign access to social benefits and will expel that six months have not found work.

Germany, like much of the EU, has a serious demographic problem; can not cover their own resources needs further qualification of the production system. In fact, most professionals retire than join the workforce and it is estimated that by 2025 will need to import 5.4 million skilled workers. Her policy: yes immigration, but selective.

The obverse of the German fortress and across distances that make production models is weak countries like Spain, with insufficient economic activity to give employment to all formed. Emigration is a sign of the global economy and can be a temporary relief. But the important thing would be to follow the footsteps of those who do well on the modifications of the models and innovate some values: for example, to facilitate a corporate culture that thinks in the long term and provides human resources and investment for the future; those who develop a responsible and prone to concerted union practice; and to develop a training system that guarantees employment. If no reaction, new migratory flows of highly qualified will be indented or long. They will only increase the gap between the North and South.

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