Confirmed infection of human coronavirus from camel

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He had speculated with goats, sheep, cats and camels among suspected of transmitting respiratory syndrome coronavirus responsible for the Middle East (MERS -CoV). But until now, it had never come to demonstrate contagion from one of these species and a person. For the first time, a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine documented by genetic analyzes how an infected camel owner and reinforces the idea that these animals are the bridge (or at least one of them) using virus infect humans from biological reservoir where it hides.

This starts first evidence of infection of a 44 year old man was admitted to the King Abdulaziz Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) on November 3 hospital with severe breathing difficulties and died 15 days later. The patient had a herd of eight camels, four of whom had shown symptoms of nasal congestion and mucus abundant, so that treated with a drug administered directly into the nostrils. This happened a week before the first symptoms manifest in the patient.

Upon learning this information, doctors took samples from the center of both mucosal secretions such as animal – who recovered without major problems, and compared them with those of the patient. The presence of “identical genetic sequences ” among coronavirus identified in both cases ” point to a direct transmission between the animal and the individual used without any intermediate stage,” the study’s authors suggest, in which specialists from University king Abdulazizhave participated.

The serological tests performed show that the coronavirus – a type of pathogen that owes its name to the tips they have on their surface – circulated among the camels before infecting the patient, and then not in the patient so that the virus passed from animals to Saudi national, and not vice versa.

Saudi Arabia is the country hardest hit by MERS, with 688 cases and 282 deaths since it was detected in September 2012. Latter data offered on Tuesday the Saudi Ministry of Health, a country that in previous counts underestimated the number of affected the earlier official report spoke of 375 infections and 190 deaths. In a statement, the Islamic state clarified that this increase is not due to a rebound in the bud but incorporating cases not included in the statistics so far.  Before the health crisis unleashed by the coronavirus and had claimed another political office, Saidad Minister Abdallah al- Rabiah. Health officials in the country have committed to implementing “right action” to faithfully record the number of affected and greater transparency.

In its latest report, last Wednesday, the World Health Organization had recorded 681 cases per infection worldwide, of whom 204 have died. After Saudi Arabia, the most affected countries are United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait. These has been imported into Canada, the U.S. and Hong Kong contagion.

Coronaviruses are very common pathogens, most people become infected with any of them throughout their lives, and with few exceptions, have only mild respiratory conditions in the upper airways (nose, pharynx, larynx). The coronavirus originating in the Arabian Peninsula is different. First detected in 2012 causes coughing, fever and even pneumonia that may end with the death of the victim.

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