Qadri’s Revolution for liberal state or disruption?

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 10:28:08 by
Dr. Qadri revolution with shujahat and rashid

Dr. Tahirul Qadri of Pakistan Awami Tehreek is in Pakistan on a mission to bring a revolution to change the corrupt system. He agreed to disembark his diverted flight from Dubai on condition of provision of bullet proof vehicle and allowing him to travel in security of his own guards.

Dr. Qadri has said on numerous occasions during interviews with various media channels and press conferences that he is not afraid of giving up his life and will come to Pakistan and fight for the cause of the masses. After arriving in Pakistan, his first fear was that Nawaz government will kill him using the terrorists in police uniforms so he will only leave the airport in bullet proof car in the security of his own guards.

Dr. Qadri has residence in Lahore and there are direct flights from Dubai to Lahore, then one can wonder why he chose to put his workers in so much trouble in the hot weather to come to Islamabad to welcome him? He could have directly come to Lahore and meet his party workers. He felt save to travel on GT road from Islamabad to Lahore but feared for his life on his way from Lahore airport to his residence in Model Town.

According to Globe and Mail, Daniel S. Markey, a senior fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations who covers Pakistan and the region, met at length with Dr. Qadri and was impressed with his political knowledge. Conversation was a little lacking. “It’s more of a monologue than a dialogue,” he said. “It’s his vision of the world from start to finish.”

Dr. Markey further added that the implications of real political power are always worrisome. “Many leaders will tell Western journalists how much they love democracy,” he explained. “But what could be the consequence of revolution in practical way: A liberal state or disruption that could be very dangerous?”

Dr. Tahirul Qadri is calling for revolution in Pakistan and declared an open war against Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif after his arrival in Pakistan. At the same time he is using the shoulders of politicians like Sheikh Rashid, Chaudhary Shujaht Hussain and Pervez Elahi who have been shifting their alliances in past to gain personal benefits. Hands of these politicians who will be Dr. Qadri’s allies in revolution are not clean either. How will Dr. Qadri clean the corrupt system with the help of corrupt politicians?

Pakistan army is fighting a very critical battle against the terrorists in North Waziristan and any disruption at this stage will be lethal for the existence of Pakistan. And yet Dr. Qadri who claims that he is being punished for his support for Pakistan Army is willing to wage war in the name of revolution.

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