Juncker, most hated leader across the Channel?

Monday, June 30th, 2014 9:01:10 by

The contradictions are usually interesting, and that’s true in Europe for 1200 years: Charlemagne could not read, but created in Aachen the largest library of its time. The most famous of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker phrase is “politicians know what to do; we do not know is how to get back to winning elections if we do.” But Juncker just not liking that aphorism: “It’s stupid.”  “I have been prime minister for 18 years, nearly a world record, doing what I had to do, and yet I have won several times in the polls. And I present to European as leader of the winning party in the European Parliament for the past 15 years, and in the midst of the worst crisis in decades, I think we’ll get to 20 without strident promises, saying what we think needs to be done “.

Indeed, Juncker won those elections. And – more contradictions – has just been anointed leaders Veintiocho to chair the Commission, mainly thanks to the rabid opposition of Prime Minister David Cameron, a sufficiently skilled British leader to get everyone against – starting by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has never finished liking Juncker.

“Paradoxes of old rocker. The man who is called to renew the EU, raising the risk of unrest and disaffection to unbearable levels if nothing changes, is one of the longest sides of the so-called Brussels magma; one out-standing member of the old Europe. The next president of the Commission is a conservative former leader of a tax haven; but is in favor of a minimum wage across the continent.

The most dangerous man in Europe, according to the hyperbolic caricatures that abound in the Anglo-Saxon press, the son of a Nazi, drinker, federalist and anti-British, rabid liar and lover of dark pacts: the devil himself, if one looks at the hyperbole of English newspapers. Juncker has been unfazed: ” I have no problems with alcohol; Europe and ask me not waste time. “

Beyond its classical political – right ideas into economics with an undeniable patina social – Juncker appears over its 59 years, and attracts a strange consensus among capitals, is not ideal for the job and it is doubtful that he has the energy requires the Commission.  Juncker, in short, is a mystery: as were all his predecessors before reaching the top.

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