Train with bodies of MH17 crash reaches Kiev controlled area

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 9:54:42 by
MH17 flight recorder

The train carrying the bodies of those killed in the crash of flight MH17 is already in the city of Kharkiv, controlled by the government of Kiev. The convoy carrying the remains of the nearly 300 passengers in refrigerated wagons reached Tuesday morning, accompanied by a group of representatives of the OSCE, Malaysia and the Netherlands. Malaysian Boeing 777 was shot down on Thursday on the Ukrainian region of Donetsk – in the armed conflict between the central authorities in Kiev and pro-Russian separatist insurgents.

The Hercules transport that will land on the airport of Eindhoven (south of the country) is expected Wednesday morning, and the remains will then be placed in a barracks in Hilversum (Midwest) for identification; something that can last weeks or even months. Netherlands lead the international research on the causes of the accident, and maintain an open air bridge between Kharkiv and Eindhoven (using Australian aircraft) until they have removed all bodies. Currently, forensic estimate that about 200 have been collected.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, stressed Tuesday in a press conference that the Netherlands is open to endorse sanctions that the European Union may impose on Russia, which the international community aims as partly responsible for the demolition of plane. Initial investigations show that the Boeing 777 that covered the route between Amsterdam are and Kuala Lumpur was shot down by a missile launched by the pro-Russian rebels, who have support from Moscow. ” Everything has changed since the tragedy last Thursday, and we continue on the table all options, “said Rutte on penalties to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said this morning that Moscow will use all his influence with the pro-Russian rebel fighting in eastern Ukraine, to facilitate investigation on the tragedy of the Malaysian plane, but the West must also put all the pressure on Kiev to “cease hostilities”. “Russia will do everything that depends on it to have a full, multilateral, thorough and transparent investigation”, said Putin at a meeting of the Security Council under the Kremlin. “We are asking that we use all our influence to southeast Ukrainian separatists. We will do our best, but that’s not enough,” he said.

The Russian president also called on Western powers not to interfere in the internal affairs of Russia, and that measures are needed to strengthen the military capabilities of the country due to the movements of NATO and its approach to the Russian border. Measures include strengthening the defense potential in the Crimea, annexed in March, and the port of Sevastopol, base of the Black Sea Fleet. Putin also said he would launch initiatives to protect the Russian economy “external threats.”

While continuing pressures for Russia collaborate in clarifying the plane crash, the black boxes of the Boeing 777 are already in the hands of a team of Malaysian representatives. Shortly after midnight yesterday, the prime minister of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk, Alexandr Borodái handed these devices for Malaysian experts who had come to Donetsk hours earlier. At the headquarters of the provincial administration, rebel headquarters, and in the presence of many journalists, Borodái announced: ” Here are the black boxes,” while a militia placed them on a table.

The Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 tragedy  has not reduced the escalation of tension between rebels and pro-Russian Ukrainian Army troops. In the last 24 hours, 13 Ukrainian soldiers have died in combat in eastern Ukraine, as reported Tuesday a spokesman for the National Security and Defence Council of that country. Three of them died by exploiting a minibus loaded with explosives. In addition, five civilians were killed and at least 15 others were injured in the city of Lugansk. The head of the Council of National Security and Defense Ukrainian Andrei Parubi, has also ensured that his troops have received artillery fire from the territory of Russia. Military action has called ” aggression against the state” Ukrainian.

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