Cameron toughens measures against EU immigrants

Thursday, July 31st, 2014 9:14:42 by
UK Prime Minister David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron, has presented this new Tuesdays ” severe measures ” against immigration, both legally come from the European Union and the illegally present in the UK from third countries.

Although Cameron surrounded the presentation of great rhetoric, first with a long article in the newspaper The Daily Telegraph pro-conservative and then with a speech at an office of immigration officials, in reality it is only the development of a series of complementary measures that and months ago, which took effect mostly were announced earlier this year. Analysts believe it is primarily a message to potential UKIP voters, populist party that led the European elections.

The new measures mean the reduction of the current six months to three months of time for which the immigrant community may perceive unemployment insurance and other social benefits. In January a measure that required a waiting period of three months before one can receive benefits and limitation of aid to six months unless the affected have clear prospects of finding employment was introduced. Another measure is to deprive the educational institutions of the title ” highly trusted sponsors ” for the authorities deny 10 % of immigration permits candidates applying to study them from third countries instead of 20 % that it currently is. The Government believes that a high number of student visas end up serving to allow entry into the country of illegal immigrants.

The government reconfirms the repeatedly announced restriction of the right of undocumented migrants to appeal to the European Convention on Human Rights to avoid deportation. And approving new powers to cancel driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

Both Cameron and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, increasingly seen as a possible replacement as party if the Conservatives fail to form a government after the next election in May 2015, have stressed that the aim of the measures is to prevent arrival of immigrants who want to abuse the system. Abuse that the European Commission considers that the British have never tested figures. Doubts seem rather Brussels confirmed now: as Downing Street, the battery of measures against those alleged abuses implemented since January “is expected to save the British taxpayer £ 500 million over the next five years.”  According to estimates by the BBC, the number of EU immigrants who enjoy public support is less than 10,000, down from more than a million people receiving social assistance.

A spokesman for the European Commission in Brussels said that the Community body shall investigate the legality of the new measures as are submitted officially. Community officials told the Telegraph: ” The EU laws contain strong safeguards to prevent abuse. The vast majority of migrants from other EU Member States will go there to work and are net contributors. “

The modesty of the figures on which London relies to justify their actions against EU immigrants contrasts with the grandeur of the language used by conservatives to present new measures leaders. ” Our goal is clear: an immigration system that takes into account first to Britain,” said Cameron. “We are raising an immigration system that is fair to British citizens and legitimate but tough migrants who abuse the system or failure of the law,” said Theresa May.

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