Was it necessary to overthrow Morsi?

Thursday, July 31st, 2014 9:44:22 by
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The Egyptian writer Alaa Aswany believes that military coup to topple Morsi’s government in Egypt was a necessary action because the country was on the brink of civil war.  The Army fulfilled the will of the majority of the population, which was expressed in a few days before mass demonstrations. It was a unique situation because we did not have a parliament, and therefore there was no legal mechanism to withdraw confidence in President Mohamed Morsi, something present in most Western democracies.

Morsi committed felonies that warranted his removal from power. Under his presidency dozens of people were murdered in Port Said, following the tragedy of the football stadium. One can argue that he did not give orders. But harder to justify is not responsible for the deaths of revolutionary opponents. The members of Muslim Brotherhood are not peaceful. After the coup, in a demonstration, shot at the front of my office.

Alaa Aswany says he has always believed that Brotherhood does not have answers to the current problems of Egypt because they try to recreate a system, the caliphate, many centuries ago. He argued that they should be granted an opportunity for which he was widely criticized. That said, the Brotherhood is primarily responsible for its downfall, because they forgot that those presidential votes were revolutionaries. Shortly after his inauguration, Morsi summoned Aswany to a meeting with other representatives of the revolution. He had two choices either comply with the demands of the revolution, even at the cost of losing domestic support, or agree with the old regime to remain in power. He decided not to cooperate with Morsi’s administration anddeclined the offer to be part of the Constituent Assembly.

Alaa Aswany disagrees with some things that happened last year after the coup by Al Sisi. For one thing, the terrible human rights violations. This is completely unacceptable, says the Egyptian writer. With these abuses, which will get is multiplying number of future terrorists. Terrorism must be fought with justice, not oppression.

Alaa Aswany says that the events in Egypt during past few years have broken the barrier of fear which held the Mubarak regime. The revolution has changed even those who did not participate in it. It’s like a spirit that has entered their minds.

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