Paramilitary groups to increase presence on border between Mexico and U.S.

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Paramilitary groups have made a call to recruit volunteers to assist in the protection of the border between Mexico and the United States. The commitment, which coincides with the crisis triggered by the wave of migrant children is not removed until ” the job is done ” and prepare for a safe fight.

In June, the criticism at the political level by the lack of security on the border did not go unnoticed and aroused greater activism by these paramilitary groups. Their calls intensified after the extensive media coverage it received the Central American crisis unaccompanied children were mostly in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas this year.

According to Barbie Rodgers, founder of Patriots Information Hotline, currently there are “Ten different operations organized paramilitary groups deployed on the border of Texas.” These include Bolinas Border Patrol, Central Valley Militia, Independent Citizens Militia, Team Alpha, Bravo Team, FOB Harmony, Operation Secure Our ??Border: Laredo Sector, O’Shanessy’s Team, the 77 ‘s and Camp Geronimo.

Paramilitary organizations are known for their independent nature and a strong critique of bureaucracy and hierarchy imposed by institutions like the federal government. Photos of various paramilitary groups patrolling the border were released this week by San Antonio Express -News, Texas. Rodgers said that only contact with three of the groups.

Denice Freedman, spokesman for Operation Secure Our ??Border, told El Pais that the particular group being organized outside the framework of Patriots Information Hotline. “We initiated a call to action in June, our citizens on the border have their lives at risk by the cartels, have been terrorized and our government has failed to solve the problem. What we do is alienate people from the ranches on the border, if the owners give us permission to be on their land. “

In the case of undocumented immigrants identified by paramilitary groups, Freedman said members of his organization only locate and call the Border Patrol or local authorities.

Operation Secure Our Border is based in Von Ormy, 32 miles from San Antonio. The group is under the leadership of Commander Chris Davis, a exconductor Truck 37 was discharged from the army in 2001. Locally, he stood out as one of the Protestants of Open Carry in Texas, an organization dedicated to expanding rights of those who carry long-range weapons.

In his statements to COUNTRY, Freedman gave no details on the number of volunteers Operation Secure the Border has brought together, and insisted on only one checkpoint can be between 6 and 20 people. He also said he will be at the border ” as long as necessary, even if it takes years.”

Locally, organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have raised alarm flags the presence of paramilitary groups in the border. “They have no training, no authority, I worry that cause more problems than they solve. The Border Patrol knows how to tell an immigrant from a drug dealer, they do not. Apart from the increase in Central American children, arrests are down, there is a crisis of confidence,”says Terri Burke, executive director of ACLU Texas.

Burke recalled the case versus Leiva Rescue Ranch, where a Texas rancher invited the paramilitary group Ranch Rescue to protect their property. Two Salvadorans who crossed the border were attacked by the group. Southern Poverty Law Center filed a lawsuit on behalf of immigrants and scored more than a million dollars in a deal that was involved in the ownership of Ranch Rescue.

The spokesman for the Border Patrol in Texas, Douglas Mosier said “do not support that any private group to take matters into their own hands, as it can have disastrous personal and public safety outcomes.” Mosier said that trained personnel required to tackle drug trafficking on the border and specified that the Border Patrol agents receive 17 weeks of specialized training to do their jobs.

Politicians like the current candidate for lieutenant governor, Leticia Van de Putte, have rejected the mobilization of paramilitary. “Their presence does nothing to secure the border, only creates an unsafe situation for officials on the ground,” he said.

Republican candidates for governor and vice government Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick have not commented on this, but is likely to be forced to do so in the coming days.

The idea is to provide support for those who are already watching and pressure lawmakers to block legislation that weakens security on the border. The Convoy will start its journey in Murrieta and ends in Laredo Texas.

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