Egypt outlaws political arm of Muslim Brotherhood

Monday, August 11th, 2014 12:25:43 by
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The Supreme Administrative Court of Egypt issued on Saturday the dissolution of the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the confiscation of all his property. The judgment permanently closes the door to the Brotherhood of the next parliamentary elections, scheduled to be held in autumn. Historic Islamist movement won the first democratic elections in post-revolutionary Egypt, and one of its leaders, Mohamed Morsi, was ousted from the presidency by a coup just over a year.

Since then, the fraternity has suffered a relentless repression, and almost all of its dome, along with thousands of his supporters, he is imprisoned. The Muslim Brotherhood and all its affiliated institutions and were dissolved last October also through a court decision. However, Egyptian law gives greater protection to political parties, which can only be outlawed by the Supreme Administrative Court, and not by an ordinary court.

However, in practice, the JLP had stopped working. “The day of the coup we closed most of the party offices. Anyway, we no longer occurs even come close for fear of us arrested, “said a young member of the Muslim Brotherhood who prefers to remain anonymous. In fact, both the party chairman, Saad el- Katatny as its secretary general, Mohamed Beltagy, have already been sentenced to death and are being tried in several other processes.

The statement responds to a dozen complaints against the party, which is accused of being ” a branch of a terrorist organization”, referring to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was declared a terrorist group by the authorities last December to ascribe a wave of attacks against security forces, while the Islamist movement has distanced himself from these actions. The court justified its decision on the fact that the clause violates PLJ party law that prohibits the establishment of faith-based formations

The court verdict short a possible avenue for future reintegration into the political life of the Brotherhood. Some analysts argued that the JLP could be reactivated if an agreement between the government of President Abdelfattá to Sisi and the leaders of the Brotherhood, or at least the representatives of the moderate faction occurred. However, government sources say there is no possible reconciliation with the current leadership of the organization, and that before any negotiation should complete the ongoing lawsuits.

The sentence comes two days after it came to light the petition by an Egyptian court to the Mufti of the Republic, one of the highest religious authorities, to reconsider its rejection of the death sentence against Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie. Mufti ‘s opinion, which is not binding, it represents a rare disagreement with the consensus seems to have emerged among state organs broad crackdown against the Islamist movement.






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