Turkey in the spotlight of German espionage

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The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) was ordered by the German government to systematically spy on Turkey, a NATO member and, therefore, a strategic ally of Germany. The order was included in the so-called ” profile by the federal government (APB) “, which is updated every four years and is in force since 2009.

The BND secret work in Turkey was revealed on Saturday by the magazine Der Spiegel, which also points out that the intelligence service intercepted and recorded at least one telephone call made by the Secretary of State, John Kerry, in 2013 Kerry’s call was captured by a network of listeners that has the BND in the Middle East.

According to Der Spiegel, the BND network listeners also captured in 2012, a telephone conversation Hillary Clinton had with former UN secretary general Kofi Annan. Conversations intercepted by the BND, according to the magazine were captured by accident and both were performed within the framework of an operation to monitor terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

Eavesdropping carried out by the BND, which still has its headquarters in the Bavarian town of Pullach, and espionage carried out in Turkey, in addition to causing a diplomatic stir in Berlin, lays bare the controversial German Federal Intelligence Service uses the same methods of the National Security Agency (NSA), which took place from the American Embassy in Berlin a systematic listening mobile Chancellor Angela Merkel and possibly of all German laws.

The “capture” of the talks held by Clinton and Kerry were analyzed discretely by the dome of the BND that, after reading the transcripts, ordered its destruction. But in a strange twist of fate that marks the world of espionage, the order to destroy the documents went to Markus R, means BND official who worked as a double agent for the CIA. Before destroying the documents, the mole made ??two copies subsequently gave his CIA contacts.

Thanks to the work of the German mole, the CIA also has in his possession a copy of the ” profile by the federal government,” confidential ” assignment book ” drafted by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Defense, Economy, Finance and Development, along with the Chancellery, and summarizes the information you want to get the government abroad.

The APB detailing, for example, specific goals as terrorist organizations under surveillance, production and use of weapons of mass destruction, the Middle East, Russia and China, but the document gives green light to BND to monitor communications in all countries where suspected pockets of terrorism, but supposedly excludes monitoring member countries of the European Union and NATO, a facet of the document that honors the philosophy of chancellor Merkel said the spying between friends “unacceptable “during a telephone conversation with Barack Obama.

But because of the scandal of eavesdropping carried out by the BND and the revelation that Turkey is being systematically spied on by the German intelligence agency, protest Merkel has lost all its force and validity.

“The latest revelations confirm our suspicions that the German authorities are also involved in illegal gambling counterintelligence ” said Konstantin von Notz, an influential Green MP. ” The Chancellor must immediately clarify it since when is current and if the calls of Clinton and Kerry were subjected to an analysis of intelligence,” he added.

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