Poroshenko claims Russian military invasion of Ukraine

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As fighting flare up in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian opened a third front in fighting in the south, in the Sea of Azov, the allegations of Russian involvement in favor of the separatists are amplified. The Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, denounced the direct presence of forces of Moscow in the rebellious province of Donetsk, where government troops have fallen into a fence in the area of Ambrosievka. A NATO officer has backed Thursday charges of Kiev. “We believe that thousand Russian soldiers are operating in Ukraine,” the official said in an appearance at the organization ‘s headquarters in Belgium. Russia replied that his forces are not crossing the border. The Security Council of the UN plans emergency meeting on Thursday at 16.00 GMT to address the crisis in Ukraine.

“I’ve decided to suspend my visit to Turkey because the situation has worsened sharply in Donetsk province, particularly in Amvrosievka and Starobeshevo due to the incursion of Russian troops in Ukraine,” Poroshenko said. He also said that prompted an extraordinary meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations for the world to “strongly condemn the severe worsening of events in Ukraine.”

The envoy of the OSCE in Ukraine, Ihor Prokopchuk, said Thursday that his organization has been a “direct Russian invasion” in the eastern Ukrainian regions. “Novoazovsk and a number of towns in the area have been taken by Russian regular forces,” he asserted Prokopchuk. Embajadaro Russian Andrey Kelin, also at the press conference, has denied the statements of the OSCE and referred to the “dozen” of the “Russian soldiers accidentally crossed the border there two days” as authorities Kiev announced Tuesday.

Aleksandr Zajarchenko, the prime minister of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk, commented in an interview with the official channel Rossiya 24 that Kiev wants to justify its defeat in the battlefield inventing Russian aggression, which actually does not happen. At the same time, acknowledged that what is true, ” and I have never denied, is that we fight with many Russians, three or four thousand,” he said, while thanking those volunteers who help. ” Among us there are soldiers in active fighting, instead of on the beach, prefer to spend their holiday with us, between his brothers fighting for freedom,” he said.

By now it’s no longer a secret that there are Russian nationalists fighting detachments in Ukraine. Thus, the writer and political opposition to the Kremlin, Eduard Limonov, leader of the banned National – Bolshevik Party, recently told this correspondent that several groups of his men fighting in eastern Ukraine and stated that he would like is to involve also the Kharkiv province, where he grew up and which borders the Donetsk and Lugansk rebels in the fight against the Government of Kiev.

The United States has sought explanations for the presence of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory, days after Ukrainian forces announced the capture of Russian troops on its territory. The American ambassador in Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, said Thursday via his Twitter account that the Russians deployed in eastern Ukraine its system including SA -22 missiles. The spokesman for the State Department, Jen Psaki, stated on Wednesday that the raids ” said it is developing a counteroffensive led by Russia in Donetsk and Lugansk.”

counter separatist The successful counteroffensive launched this week by the separatists has forced Kiev to leave forces several strategic points, most notably Hill and Saur – Mogila Novoazovsk City.

Ukrainians acknowledged Thursday the loss of this strategic town -denunciaron that is owned by ” Russian troops ” – which opens the way towards Mariupol separatists, the second largest city in the province of Donetsk and its main port sea of Azov. The Kiev government has urgently sent reinforcements to Mariupol, which is only 45 kilometers from Novoazovk and where the rebel advance. Before conquering Mariupol, pro-Russian should take Shir├│kino the town, which lies between the two cities.

Besides falling Novazovsk, Kiev recognizes the loss of other locations both around the city, and in the regions of Amvrosievka Starob├ęshevo and further north. Government forces were also driven from the hill Saur – Mogila, which at 277.9 meters in height controls the road to Donetsk and Lugansk. This point was also vital strategic theater of fierce fighting during the Second World War, and at its summit a reminder landmark feat of Soviet troops, due to the ongoing civil war, has been almost completely destroyed stands. Russian television showed on Thursday a report from its correspondent on the hill where the separatists interview; until then, saying that Kiev was still controlled enclave.

Defeats in the front lines coincide with a period of deepening political, Poroshenko announced after three days convene parliamentary elections next October 26 ago. The Ukrainian president, who has no own party, try to remedy this gap in the polls with a movement that was just created. Meanwhile, other parties are taking defections and divisions. So, they have abandoned the party of former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko current Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk, the speaker of parliament, Alexandr Turchinov, and other important officials. A political crisis the economic adds, with a weaker hryvnia each day.

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