Search for MH370 continues six months after its disappearance

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Six months after the disappearance of flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines, search is still continuing. The plane departed from Kuala Lumpur early on March 8 with 239 people on board and was scheduled to arrive in Beijing six hours later. Just 40 minutes after takeoff, however, ceased to show signs of his career and, despite more than twenty countries participated in the search efforts, has not yet been located even a small piece of the fuselage. Tracing will resume in two weeks in southern waters of the Indian Ocean, as reported by the Malaysian Government and heads of Australian last Saturday.

Malaysian authorities say the device changed course in a ” deliberate action ” to cross the Strait of Malacca in the opposite direction to its initial course for no apparent reason. Finally, he plunged into the Indian Ocean. The researchers argue that the passengers and crew probably died from asphyxiation due to the lack of oxygen and that the plane flew on autopilot mode until it ran out of fuel and fell into the sea. Initially the possibility of terrorist attack is weighed and later was suspected of kidnapping with the complicity of the pilot of the plane.

Australian authorities, who are leading the international search team have indicated, after it has mapped the ocean floor, the new underwater tracking phase will occur in an area covering about 60,000 square kilometers and is located about 1,800 kilometers west of the Australian city of Perth.

” Our challenge now is to limit a priority area within this wider to start the search in order to find the plane as soon as possible area,” he said to the Australian ABC Judich Zielke, interim director of the Center for Coordination of Joint Agencies, the unit coordinating search. The place where he will track is just south of where you looked in June and July.

The new tracking phase will be borne by the Dutch company Fugro, specializing in such operations, and will last at least twelve months. The director of the Australian Bureau of Transportation Safety, Martin Dolan, said this weekend that the operation is “complex” because they have no signs of the black boxes, whose batteries were exhausted long ago, no physical clues, what to evaluate thousand possible paths.

” The new phase of the search will start using the best available technology and will continue until we have exhausted all human possibilities in tracing the probable impact area,” said Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, with his counterpart Malaysian, Najib Razak, after meeting last Saturday in the Malaysian city of Putrajaya. The traces that were carried out on the seabed after the disappearance of flight were conducted by sounds that allegedly came from the black boxes of the plane, but ended in May that would have been obtained without results.

During his visit, Abbott announced plans to erect a monument on the coast of Western Australia to remember the 239 people killed in the incident. ” But again, this intention should it be subject to the wishes of the Government of Malaysia and the families of the victims,” ??he said.

Aboard the MH370 carrying 153 Chinese, 50 Malays (12 were crew), seven Indonesians, six Australian, five Indians, four French, three Americans, two New Zealanders, two Ukrainians, two Canadians, one Russian, one Dutch, one Taiwanese and two Iranian who embarked with stolen in Thailand to an Italian and an Austrian passport. Relatives of the victims are still seeking answers about this tragedy, after which the Malaysian government took control of Malaysia Airlines. The airline suffered another air crash last July when one of its planes was shot down in eastern Ukraine by a missile and 298 people died.

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