Director resigns after Secret Service security flaws

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 11:11:40 by
Julia Pierson

Serious security flaws that allowed access to a gunman a few meters from the private rooms of the Obama family and a cascade of information that revealed that officers on duty were not doing their job has forced the resignation of the director of the Secret Service United States, Julia Pierson. It will occupy an interim basis the position Joseph Clancy, retired service officer in 2011 and in charge of the presidential guard night November 2009 in which a famous marriage to participate in reality shows slipped into the state dinner that President offered the then Prime Minister of India.

The myth of inviolability and impregnable residence who held the White House collapsed on September 19. The professionalism of the Secret Service was seriously injured, both which cost him the job the first woman to hold the position and had been chosen to clean the image of an agency played after prostitution scandal of Colombia. On Tuesday, Pierson appeared before a committee of the House but failed to convince anyone of what the agency was not ineffective, ineffectiveness that could have cost the lives of men better protected the planet in theory. The White House spokesman said this afternoon that Obama had accepted the resignation of Pierson, although it had stated that he trusted her, because this was considered the best ” for the country and the Secret Service ” and because President he thought it was necessary ” new leadership “.

The explosion in the White House a man armed with a knife, he was able to jump the fence surrounding francotiradores- -vigilada by the White House, atrevesar around the garden to enter the residence, whose door was open and the alarm off annoyed because employees – and reduce to a secret Service agent who had finished their turn to be knocked down a few feet from the stairs leading to the private area of Obama has been the last straw in a sea of ??irresponsibility that have occurred to know from the weekend by The Washington Post.

As revealed by the Journal of the nation’s capital, three days before this serious incident, on September 16, Obama shared elevator during a visit to the Control and Prevention (CDC acronym) in Atlanta with an employee outsourced security was armed and had criminal entecedentes. In fact, Secret Service agents eventually asking him to identify with the strange attitude of the individual, who never stopped recording the president with their mobile phone.

The Washington Post who has been exposed to light the mistakes made by the agency whose mission is to defend the lives of its agents of the President of the United States. On the invasion of the White House, the Secret Service first offered a half-truth, stating that Omar Gonzalez had been reduced to nothing more access the presidential residence.

Something similar happened to an incident in November 2011 and on which the Post has now revealed a more complete picture, though not occupied the charge- Pierson. Then a man shot with a semiautomatic rifle at the White House and it was not until four days later when the Secret Service admitted it happened, when it happened because the shots that told some agents to hear noise from the street were attributed.

Pierson took over in 2013 from an agency that has the label of being as a male club British nineteenth century after the prostitution scandal in Colombia lived a year earlier. The arrival of a minority woman -the presence of the agency, in which 90% are men did presuppose a change of mind and openness.

With the resignation of Pierson voices resonate today who believe that the only way that the Secret Service is taking a new direction by appointing someone outside the agency -Pierson 30 years she was, where in the opinion of Ronald Kessler, author of several books on the Secret- Service ” punishes those who point defects rewards and who hides.”

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