Kangana Ranaut supports ban on Pakistani artists working in India

Monday, March 19th, 2018 4:46:13 by

It has become common knowledge that Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut is one to speak her mind regarding any issue. This time around, she gave everyone her piece of mind regarding nationalism.

While speaking at the Rising India Summit, Kangana also shared her thoughts regarding the ban that has been placed on Pakistani artists working in India. Let’s just say that her Pakistani fans will not be happy to hear about her thoughts!

Kangana weighed in on the issue, saying that the artistic world is different from the physical world.

“Artistic realm is different from physical realm. When you are talking about physical boundaries and you are talking about borders, why be esoteric. You should know about a place where people are losing lives,” she said.

“At the time of ban on Pakistani artists, the country is vulnerable where people are struggling and trying to cope with emotions. The common sentiment is ‘Humko kya Lena dena, hum toh artist hai’. This is not going to work. Above everything, you are Indians as well, and when you are talking about boundaries, you can’t go into an esoteric world and say ‘I am an artist’,” Kangana added.

The Simran actor said she does not believe in religion and has come to the conclusion that her only identity is that she is an Indian.

“As a youth, I want to see growth in my life. I have come to this conclusion that if India does not grow then I won’t grow. I am an Indian and born an Indian. I have no other identity,” she said.

“I said in some interview that I am a nationalist. People said ‘oh you are that type of a person’. I was like ‘what do you mean by that kind?’ I personally feel that there is a confusion between these words.

Before all of this, I hadn’t even heard of the term nationalism. The good thing is that at least the word has got out. That there is a word like nationalism. You can have a choice whether you want to believe in it or not,” Kangana said.

Many people have voiced their reactions regarding Kangana’s latest pearls of wisdom and it appears that her Pakistani fans are clearly not happy.

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