Russian schoolboy sets teacher on fire, injures fellow class fellows before trying to take his own life

Thursday, April 19th, 2018 6:36:07 by

A 17-year-old school boy from Russia went to the extreme measure of stabbing his teacher, setting her on fire and injuring other kids from the class just to show his hatred for the world.

The teenage boy, identified as Artyom Tagirov, stabbed his computer science teacher named Ekaterina Pershina, 29, and set her alight after pouring flammable liquid on her at School Number One in Sterlitmak. He then started to target his classmates and managed to stab two other girls, before slitting his own throat.

Security officials then stopped the killing spree and all the wounded were rushed to the hospital.

The teacher and two of the boy’s classmates are suffering from extensive injuries and received life-saving treatment as all four including the boy are said to be in ‘grave condition’.

According to local health ministry official Svetlana Kuskarbekova: “Four injured people were taken to a hospital in the city of Sterlitamak, three of them children. They are in grave condition. Updates on the injuries will be provided.”

According to local media, the alleged attacker’s social media was said to be awash with hate-filled posts and violent images. Tagirov was apparently inspired by the 1999 Columbine shooting in a US high school which left 15 people dead.

In July, he posted an images of the school and warned his anonymous female friend: “If this happens, I want to apologize to you all, though you will not hear me. But anyway I’m sorry. I do not lie. I’m going to kill at least 30. And I’m going to blow up the school. This is my last summer.

“I will celebrate my last birthday, on April 15 I will be 17. I have prepared, looking forward this day.”

Apparently Tagirov is suffering from a mental disorder and he had been dealing with negative feelings for a while.

‘I have a personality disorder, but my parents want to sort it out. If this happens – watch the news, if you still watch the TV. I’m serious. Murder is cool,” he added.

‘My mind is broken. My parents do not care. I was bullied at school for two years. My hatred will not just calm down. I’m sick. But no-one wants to help me.”

“There was a cry for help, but all just turned away. I just do not like this life. I’m not talented. I cannot do anything, just kill. There is so much hatred in me, that I cannot stop. I’m obsessed with it.”

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