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Putin meets with President of Ukraine

putin petro meet

Russian President Vladimir Putin met Friday with the first elected president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, as part of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings (France). Putin also held an “informal” meeting with Obama, about ten or fifteen minutes, White House sources told Reuters, without which so far has transcended the content […]

Militiamen Freed Detained Iraqi students in Anbar University

students taken hostage in iraq

Militiamen from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on Saturday June 7, 2014 freed 1300 students from the University of Anbar, hours after they were detained as hostages. Faleh al-Essawi, deputy head of Ramadi’s provincial council, told Anadolu Agency, “All hostages left the campus and were taken to a safe place in Ramadi.” […]

No alternative to cutting CO2 emmissions


A group of scientists from the U.S. and Canada has assessed five strategies being discussed to combat climate change: reducing CO2 emissions, carbon sequestration by biological means land and ocean CO2 storage in geological repositories and liquefied artificial increase cloud cover of the planet to increase the amount of radiation reflected into space. His conclusion […]

800 skeletons of newborn discovered in Ireland

tuam ireland

About 800 skeletons of newborns have been discovered in a cement tank near a former Catholic convent in the town of Tuam, Ireland which was home to women who became pregnant out of wedlock between 1925 and 1961. “Someone told me about the existence of a cemetery in newborns, but what I found there was […]

Progress in Prostate Cancer Treatment to Delay Chemotherapy


Researchers have developed a new technique to combat metastatic prostate cancer (which is called castration-resistant), which could delay the start of chemotherapy until more than two years, representing a gain of quality life for these patients. The treatment, which involves using these antineoplastic agents before a drug called enzalutamide (a powerful hormone therapy) may prolong […]

Obama Accepts Secretary of Veterans Affairs Resignation

Eric Shinseki

At the time Senate Democrats joined the Republican request and they began to demand the resignation of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki ‘s future was sealed. This morning, Shinseki met with the president and he submitted his resignation. Barack Obama accepted. ” Regretfully considerably, I have accepted,” assured the president at a press conference […]

Danish Cyclist Brian Holm Charged with abuse of minor

Brian Holm

“I stand before you here and now because I will not play hide and will disappear by magic for a few months.” With these words the Danish cyclist Brian Holm began Tuesday his press conference. He made the charges against him public “for alleged abuse of a minor”  less than 12 years according to several […]

A video shows the shooting deaths of two Palestinians in West Bank

two teen shot dead by Israeli forces

The NGO Defense For Children International has distributed a video Tuesday that reflects the time in which two Palestinian teenagers were shot dead last Thursday, the day of the Nakba or “catastrophe” of his people, Israel forces. The record shows that none of them was a vital threat to the soldiers, who did not enter […]

Indiana and Oklahoma are cited in the finals with Miami and San Antonio

nba-playoffs 2014

Final Conference of the NBA are served. Oklahoma won the sixth game against the Clippers (98-104) and will face San Antonio. Indiana, also in the sixth game, won Washington (80-93), and like last year, repeated the Eastern Conference finals against Miami. The outcome of the conference semifinals followed the script of the forecasts and the […]

At Least 238 Dead After Explosion at a Mine in Western Turkey

explossion in turkey mine

The rescue teams are working hard on Wednesday to evacuate hundreds of workers who remain trapped in the coal mine of the Turkish town of Soma, where an explosion has caused far death of 238 miners. During Wednesday morning have been rescued only nine workers and the hope of finding more people alive is reduced, […]

The holy city of Varanasi, the key point in the Indian elections

Narendra Modi

India is waiting to know if Narendra Modi, candidate of the opposition and Hindu nationalist, Bharatiya Janata Party, received permission to submit their campaign in Varanasi, the most sacred city of Hinduism. Path to the final day of voting, on 12 May, Modi hoped to do two events tomorrow in Varanasi, where he applied. I […]

Terrorists of Boko Haram Cause another slaughter in Nigeria


Boko Haram, the Nigerian terror group that kidnapped three weeks ago 276 adolescents and threatens to sell them as slaves, has conducted a new slaughter in the northeast, its main area of operation. The attack occurred Monday in a town called Gamboru Ngala, near the border with Cameroon, and according to witnesses could have resulted […]

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