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Paul Allen opens office in Silicon valley

Paul Allen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, has opened an office in Silicon Valley to invest in emerging technology and Internet companies. The Palo Alto office will operate under the name Vulcan Capital, the investment arm of Vulcan Inc., the company that manages Allen’s personal fortune of around 15,000 million (11,600 million Euros). The 60-years-old, co-founded with Bill […]

Google set to offer compensation to the European union

Google has formally submitted a package of concessions to the European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquín Almunia, to close down the matter without an investigation lasting two years for its anti-competitive practices. The search engine company, with a European market share of over 80%, is being investigated for having included in its contents extraneous material without permission also hinder […]

PC sales suffer worst decline in two decades

The PC sales has fallen 14% in the first three months of the year, the biggest drop in two decades, according to the statistics being provided by IDC. However, the figures are much lower than the survey company had initially predicted. On the same day, Gartner – a renowned consultancy firm, published a 11% decrease in […]

Google set to offer high-speed network in Austin

Google are set to offer a high-speed network in Austin (Texas, USA) with an Internet service reportedly exceeding a gigabyte per second next year. The launch of Google Fiber in Austin would be the first move by Google to expand its service beyond Kansas City (Missouri) submitted in November. Google says that their fiber optic Internet service […]

Huwaei seeking more growth in mobile industry

The Chinese mobile manufacturer, Huawei won, earned EUR 1,900 million last year, up 32% from the previous year. Their online sales of smartphones have grown 60% in total and managed to reach 120 million despite distributing 32 million units initially. The revenue of the company rose 8% to 27,100 million Euros, while its consumer business, which includes smartphones, rose […]

Q1 results show HP’s massive decline

HTC did not have a bad quarter since 2004. Its quarterly earnings were $ 2.85 million, 98% less than the previous quarter. Poor results have argued that the supply problems win the HTC phones Star One, which should have been released earlier this year. Regarding accounts a year ago, the fall in revenues was 37% and its operating […]

Samsung Q1 sale set to reach 70 million

Operating profit for Samsung in the fourth quarter grew by 53% to 6,000 million euros, according to previous estimates that official results will be announced later this month. Though the high-end phones such as Galaxy S and Note have not recorded best sales, the Korean company earned more revenue from cheaper models, designed for emerging countries such […]

Mozilla and Samsung working on a browser

The Mozilla Foundation is working with the South Korean company Samsung in creating Servo, a new generation browser which they started beginning work as a research project in 2012. This new browser is still far from being available to be sold, is has been designed and developed by Mozilla, the organization announced in a statement. Thus, both companies […]

Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm are the market leaders according to Gartner

The semiconductor industry achieved revenues of 230,000 million (180,000 million) last year, 2.6% less than in 2011, according to data from Gartner. Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm remained among the leaders in the technology sector in this regard, each specializing in their very own field. While Intel, whose shares fell by 3.1%, mainly focuses on computers, Samsung, whose […]

Google set to launch nexus 7

Google are eyeing up to launch the new version of its tablet Nexus 7 in July, according to various sources. The tablet could be presented one month earlier in the Computer trade show in Taipei. The giant software company, willing to lead the industry in hardware with their phones and tablets, have made up their minds after selling eight million of […]

Saudi Arabia outlaws Skype and WhatsApp

The Commission for Communications Technology and Information (IMPC) of Saudi Arabia has threatened the companies to block their respective services in their country after labelling applications such as Skype, WhatsApp and Viber break as illegal and against the law. "Clearly, some communication applications over the Internet do not meet the current regulatory requirements," reads the statement of the CTCI. […]

LG set to unveil Smart watch

Having conquered the computer market, cell phone, the tablet, LG are planning to take another step to widen their product line. They are reportedly weighing a move and the right time to launch a watch. A rumour of the arrival of an iWatch by Apple adds confirmation of a Samsung model. The Korean LG has also announced that […]

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