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Political uncertainty alarms businessmen and traders across the country

Present confrontation between the political parties and the military institutions has created an air of uncertainty in the business sector and the traders are started to get afraid from worsening circumstances. Businessmen and industrialists are foreseeing the drastic outcomes of the current political confrontation and believe that such scenario’s can be very harmful for the […]

PM instructs to use Thar Coal to smooth out energy crisis

Long awaited decision regarding the Thar Coal Project was finally taken on Thursday, when the Prime Minister, Sayed Yousuf Raza Gilani, announced that instructions have been sent to the concerned ministries to use Thar Coal Project for enriching the energy sector. “We have natural resources and we are exploring them to benefit people,” he said. […]

PTI declines to support any unconstitutional manoeuvre; says Imran Khan

In the current dilemma being faced by the reigning government, the chairman of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI), Imran Khan, has clearly presented the perspective of his political party on Wednesday. He cited that his party will not back up any unconstitutional move in the country; no matter it is made by the government or any other […]

More sufferings to come for the consumers across the country

Pak Rupee has fell to its lowest value against the American Dollar last month but its most severe effects are yet to be faced by the general public. The experts have predicted a new wave of hyper inflation hitting the domestic consumers in the near future, with the prices of edible times rising to much […]

Poultry products become costly as winter engulfs the country

First winter rain hit most parts of Punjab and upper Sindh last week and an immediate decline in the prices of farm products was observed in most parts of the province. However, the increasing winter cold has pushed up the prices of poultry products significantly since the last week. Drastically low temperature all over the […]

Prices rise for Honda cars

With the country trapped in a situation of hyper inflation, car manufacturers have also raised the prices of their vehicles at the start of the current year. One of the largest car assemblers in Pakistan, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL), has raised the prices of the different models of cars by Rs. 20,000-30,000 for […]

Industries in Punjab promised for perked up supply of natural gas shortly

With multiple sectors industrial sectors and domestic user in Punjab suffering from a limited supply of gas, the Ministry of Petroleum has assured that the delivery of gas will improve shortly. Dr. Asim Hussian, Minister of petroleum, made a commitment on Friday to reinforce the prior schedule of gas suspension of just two days a […]

Wheat yield is expected be lower this season; says CM Sindh

Wheat yield is expected be lower this season; says CM Sindh After ravaging floods and heavy rainfall in most parts of Sindh province this summer, the Chief Minister, Sayed Qaim Ali Shah, has stated that it is extremely likely that the wheat production for the current season will be far too low than the last […]

A pipeline explosion enforces 36-hour closure of CNG stations in Sindh and Balochistan

Another strike at the main gas pipeline by the suspected militants resulted suspension of gas to CNG stations for 36 hours in most parts of Sindh and Balichistan. The explosion in pipeline was reported near Jafarabad in Balochistan on Wednesday, causing the closure of CNG stations from 8 p.m. for 36 hours. The incident will […]

378,000 tons of sugar to be purchased by ECC

Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet has decided to purchase 378,000 tons of sugar for the strategic reserve this year. The decision was taken after the reduction bid prices for sugar by the sugar mills this season, quoting just Rs. 17 per kg. The ECC meeting was presided by the Finance Minister of Pakistan, […]

CNG Association continues its strike against gas shortage

After the failure of dialogues with the government authorities, the ALL Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) has decided to carry on its strike against the gas shortage until their demands are met. Chairman APCNGS, Ghiyas Paracha, asserted in a press conference on Monday that the government better announce one day CNG load shedding till February or […]

Gas shortage compels the closure of textile units

Despite of country wide protests, the government of Pakistan has still not come up with a substantial plan for the distribution of natural gas to industrial and domestic users. Textile is just one of many industrial sectors which are facing grave losses due to insufficient supply of gas and the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association […]

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