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Pakistan Railway will run 6 special Eid trains

Pakistan Railways

Pakistan Railway has announced to run 6 additional special trains to facilitate the commuters on the auspicious occasion of Eid ul Fitr on various routes between major cities of Pakistan. Railway Ministry said in a statement that three trains will run between Karachi and Lahore railway stations, while Pakistan Railway would ply one between Karachi […]

Commerce Minister vow to make Gwader regional trading hub

Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan

Federal Minister for Commerce, Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan,¬† has said that Pakistan Commerce Ministry is playing an active role in economic development Balochistan while addressing the meeting of the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) to review the quarterly performance. The Minister said that us of Gawader port by Trading Corporation of Pakistan for import of […]

Rs300-1000 Sales tax levied on mobile phone sets

mobile phones

Federal Board of Revenue has levied sales tax of Rs300 to Rs1000 on mobile phone sets. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has opposed imposing the sales tax on mobile phone sets. Federal Board of Revenue has also imposed Rs250 on the sale of each SIM card. Federal Board of Revenue imposed the new sales tax on the […]

Europe approves credit line to rescue Bulgarian banks

Bulgaria banking crisis

The European Commission has approved a credit line 1,700 million euros for Bulgarian banks to stablize the banks in the country. The credit line to the state is “proportionate and appropriate to the need to ensure sufficient liquidity to the banking sector in the current circumstances.” The credit line will ensure that banking system can […]

Washington begins to relax the ban on oil export

usa crude oil export ban

The decision of the Department of Commerce of the United States to grant licenses to two oil companies to export from August a form of light oil called “condensate” has reopened the debate – and expectations – that Washington begins to lift the ban governing export crude from the energy crisis of the seventies, when […]

Nawaz Sharif launches interest free loan scheme

nawaz sharif launches interest free loan scheme

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, has launched this Thursday June 26, 2014 in Islamabad an interest free¬† loan scheme those people who have not obtained any bank loans in the past to start small businesses. He said that one million citizens will benefit from the interest free loan scheme over the period of four […]

Beijing fears for its oil supplies

china fears for its oil supplies

As the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) progress their attack in Iraq, China increases its attention on events in the Arab country. The People’s Republic buys about half of the production of Iraqi oil about 1.5 million barrels a day, has invested around 7,300 million euros in the energy sector and has […]

EU may ban import of Pakistani mangoes due to infestation

Pakistani mangoes

Discovery of fruit fly infested mangoes in one of the shipment from Pakistan in the United Kingdom (UK) has threatened import of Pakistani mangoes to the European Union this year. Concerned authorities in Pakistan had made bold claims that all the necessary measures have been taken to ensure quality control of the Pakistani mangoes in […]

Pakistan Railway Announces Ramadan Packages

It was recently revealed that Pakistan Railway has introduced new Ramadan Packages, where they are reducing the ticket prices by 10%. This is happening for the first time in the history of Pakistan that the railway system has improved to the extent where they can actually put down the prices of the tickets. Saad Rafiq […]

Afghan SIMS blocked in Pakistan

afghan sims blocked

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PAT) has blocked all the SIMs of phones registered in Afghanistan so that these cannot be used in Pakistan for communication. Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif had asked PAT to discontinue the roaming services for all the Afghan SIMs in Pakistan. Security forces had suggested the prime minister to block the Afghanistan […]

Russia cuts gas supplies to Ukraine

gas deal

The new gas war, already saw it coming, began: starting at 10 am local time, the Russian state gas company Gazprom company has introduced, as had warned the regime prepaid gas supplies to Kiev. That is, while Naftogaz, the state company’s neighboring country, do not pay the million debt owed for the fuel, it will […]

Oil market reacts neverously causing hike in oil prices

oil prices increase

Although the supply of Iraqi oil remains, although so far no major damage to infrastructure and the fact that the offer could relatively easily compensated by other OPEC producers, markets have reacted much nervous to the escalation of tension in Iraq. In just two sessions a barrel of Brent crude, the benchmark for Europe, has […]


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