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Bloggers & Civil Society Protests Taxes on Internet Imposed by Punjab Government

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Following the Punjab Government’s recent move to impose taxes on internet services, several Pakistani bloggers have started a protest campaign, which was confirmed by in a press conference by the digital publishers of Pakistan in Lahore. The Punjab Government, in a bid to raise revenue, imposed a massive 19.5% tax on all internet services which […]

Qmobile Launches New 3G Budget Smartphones

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With increasing demand in the latest third-generation technology after the recent bidding of its licences, Qmobile has managed to launch new smartphones which are not only cheap but also allow the user to utilize the 3G technology which will now be offered by almost all the networks of Pakistan. Currently Qmobile has come up with […]

Zong to Pay for 4G License in Dollars

Mobilink, Warid Zong logos

It was recently reported from Lahore that Zong, the company that recently won the 4G bid, is paying for the license in dollars. In fact, Zong is now the only organization out of the three that is willing to pay for the license in dollars as the rest are paying the price in rupees. The […]

Pakistan raises 1.1 billion after 3G & 4G Auctions

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It was recently reported from Islamabad that the government of Pakistan was able to raise more than $1.1 billion after they auctioned the much-awaited 3G and 4G licenses to different telecom companies in the country. The government decided to sell four licenses and now these companies will be allowed to provide fast speed broadband internet […]

Warid Telecom Jumping into 4G


It was recently revealed that Pakistan has sold 3G and 4G licences to different telecom companies that are operating within the country. Besides Warid Telecom, all the other telecom companies were able to get their hands on a license. The first 4G license was given to Zong, who were the underdogs in the bidding. They […]

Over $1.1 Billion Raised by Pakistan Auctioning 3G and 4G Licenses

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The next-generation telecommunications (3G and 4G) licenses auctioned by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority yesterday, April 23, 2014, managed to raise over $1.1 billion according to the latest reports. Four major players were in the race for the licenses, including Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone and Zong. The license on offer included four 3G licenses and two for 4G […]

3G and 4G Auction to Take Place in April

It was recently reported from Islamabad that the chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s chairman, Ismail Shah, came out in the open to let it be known to the public that the auction for the well-anticipated 3G and 4G service is going to take place during the month of April.   The decision was taken […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 1

The iPhone 5, released on September 21 is by far the most advanced and practically and physically upgraded iPhone from big arena at Cupertino, California. Apple has certainly done it again in bringing up the most advanced gadgetry equipped with some new and some upgraded elements both in software and hardware. The new iPhone 5 […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 2

Other smartphones beat it on features here and there: if you want a larger screen, go with a Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want better battery life, go with a Droid Razr Maxx. But Apple offers more battery life than most of the handsets out there with the crispest resolution in the market. The screen […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 3

The weight is the most prominent factor in the new phone, right off the bat. It might be the thinnest smartphone out there, as the company claimed for some time but for iPhone users it makes all the difference. However, the light weight is what everyone will remember for a really long time. This is […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 4

It’s odd at first going longer versus also adding width, and it means a shift away from the iPad’s more paperlike 4:3 display ratio. Pages of e-books could feel more stretched. In portrait mode, document text may not seem larger, but you’ll see more of it in a list. In landscape mode, text actually seems […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 5

Apple’s proud of its claims of how light the iPhone 5 is, and the new aluminum back is part of that. So is the move to a Nano-SIM card (making SIM swaps once again impossible and requiring a visit to your carrier’s store). So is the thinner screen and the smaller dock connector. You get […]


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