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Alibaba finalizes first round of repurchasing its stock from Yahoo

Alibaba Group announced in a statement that it has finished the first round of repurchase of Yahoo’s stake in the company. The transaction will stream $7.6 Billion in Yahoo’s direction. China’s largest online retail and B2B giant announced on May 20 jointly with Yahoo that it will reduce the US-based web portal’s stake in Alibaba […]

Alibaba claims its transaction volume will beat Amazon and eBay combined this year

Alibaba Group is making a pretty penny and will further its sales volume by the end of this year. These were the remarks from Zeng Ming, Alibaba’s chief strategy officer. Ming went on to say that the company’s value of merchandize will surpass that of Amazon and eBay combined. The company holds a major share […]

Yahoo’s Alibaba stake goes on sale – Internet News

The year 2012 has proved to be a bit harsh on Yahoo. In January, company lost its founding father Jerry Yang, who parted ways with Yahoo and Alibaba as well. In the month of March, Yahoo had a patent dispute with one of the very famous social networks, the FACEBOOK. On top of it, the […]

Yahoo in talks to sell 15-25 percent of Alibaba: source

Yahoo Inc could be weeks away from selling 15 to 25 percent of Alibaba Group’s stock back to China’s largest e-commerce company, in a deal designed to eliminate complexities that had scuttled the parties’ previous negotiations, a person familiar with the matter said. The two companies have been in talks for a month, the person […]

Jerry Yang’s departure from Yahoo Group gives more insight into the remedies

Jerry Yang’s announcement that he’d be resigning from the Yahoo!, Alibaba Group, and Yahoo! Japan boards tonight is very significant. Whether intentional or not, Yahoo!’s board has long been “Jerry’s Board.”  Directors would weigh whether or not they should do something by the litmus test question: “What does Jerry think of this?” That deference, over […] Q3 profitgoes up the roof with 11.9 percent increase Q3 profitgoes up the roof with 11.9 percent increase The listed unit of Alibaba Group operates an e-commerce website that links Chinese businesses looking to sell their goods to overseas buyers. Alibaba Group, founded by billionaire Jack Ma, is 40 percent owned by Yahoo Inc.’s exposure to international markets makes its turnover sensitive […]


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