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US Declines Gunship Copters to Pakistan


It was recently reported from Washington that Pakistan is currently trying to get gunship copters from the US. They claimed that they want newer helicopters as they would not opt for used stuff to supplement and replace the 35 AH-1S and AH-1F gunship which they already possess. While trying to fight in the tribal areas, […]

US Trusts Pakistan with its Nukes

It was recently reported from Washington that the United States has shown full confidence in Pakistan regarding their nukes. Pakistan was the first Islamic country that managed to become a nuclear state as well. This was a huge achievement in the Islamic world and this is why Pakistan has a prestigious place in the hearts […]

US Prepared to Talk Out Gaza Ceasefire – Obama


The issue of Gaza is currently being covered by every single headline across the globe. There are several children and women dying on a daily basis and there is no one taking notice. No Islamic state has spoken against the issue so far even though there are Palestinians fighting for their lives every passing minute. […]

US drone strikes once again killing 7 suspected militants

Drone strike kills 8 in Pakistan

The United States drone has struck once again for the fourth time during this year killing 7 suspected militants and injuring three in Madakhel village of Dattakhel tehsil. The target this time were a vehicle and a house in North Waziristan tribal region where Pakistan army is also engaged in an operation against Taliban militants. […]

Pakistan Formally Asks US to Stop its Spying Programs in Pakistan

Pakistan has formally asked the United States to forgo the spying program that has been initiated by them in the vicinity of the country. It is being said that the affairs of the political parties within Pakistan are being monitored by the US National Security Agency and this is against the international law. Tasnim Asnam, […]

Drones Return to Pakistan

The horror of drone attacks is now going to strike back to the Pakistani nation after it was reported that two drones targeted areas in North Waziristan. This has happened in the light of the events which have taken place in Karachi recently.   The Karachi airport was under attack as the terrorists penetrated through […]

Pakistan-US Pledge to Invigorate Trade Ties

It was recently reported from Islamabad that Pakistan is now willing to work with the United States in order boost their trade ties. The two countries have been allies on paper for quite some time now but the trade between them was never actually effective enough to move the economy of any country. However, now […]

Atif Aslam Rocks Dallas

Atif Aslam

The Pakistani rock artist, Atif Aslam, is currently on a tour to Dallas, where he was able to capture the eyes of several non-Urdu-Speaking people as well. He was able to become a part of one of the most electrifying musical nights of the year alongside Shalmali, who is famous for her playback singing in […]

Sartaj Aziz believes US understand Pakistan on Drones

Sartaj Aziz

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs,  Sartaj Aziz, has stated that after the meeting with Mr. Obama in the United States, he has come to the conclusion that he understands Pakistan’s stance over drones. He also gave hope that there will be a reduction in the number of drones being fired over the […]

Nawaz Sharif set for Pakistan after US visit

Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, left US during Wednesday evening after a four-day tour of America came to an end. During the visit the Prime Minister of Pakistan held talks with Barack Obama and both agreed upon advancing trade and economic relations Other issues highlighted included Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan and the drone strikes which are […]

Pakistan and US agree to cooperation in Science and Technology

Science and Technology

It is being reported that US have agreed to a five year extension for a cooperation in Science and Technology with Pakistan. Jalil Abbas Jilani, the secretary for foreign affairs, and Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones, the US Assistance Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific affairs, are both going to sign the agreement. […]

Chine losing the battle, Industry retuning to US

China is considered to be the fastest growing economy, but things are not as simple as they look. Attracted by subsidies, cheap labour, and tax regulations, several American-based manufacturers shifted their business to China in the recent years. However, the situation has changed now. The manufactures, who brought millions of jobs to China a few […]


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